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Fakedex template preview by Toonime Fakedex template preview by Toonime
Now that I'm gonna start using Photoshop again, I thought I'd get myself reacquainted with some of its basics again. I decided to make a new fakedex template for fakemon, and I think it came out nice. It follows along the same design as my old template, seen here- Tohoku Pokedex grid by Toonime, but some tweaks to make it nicer. Let me just give you a quick rundown of the setup.

Of course, the large grid section will be the location of the main fakemon display, with the star being the location for the shiny and the small figure in the bottom right represents the body style of the fakemon, with the bipedal form up for this preview. The grid in the bottom left is for the female version, which will either look the same, different, or be invisible due to the fakemon being genderless.

The white pokeball in the upper right corner will be designated for type color scheme, with either both being the same color for single type, or half and half for dual type. The text box is obvious, with name, designation, height, weight, ability, and evolution stage. If an ability is made up, a description of its powers will be in the description. Finally, the multicolored bars are to give a basic idea of power levels for the fakemon in the six areas of stats. Each will be lowered or raised to a certain color to give an idea of stat growth.

Seriously, this took me three hours last night, and another couple hours today to finish. Trying to make sure every detail is nice. It's not the best, but it still looks good.
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February 25, 2015
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