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Yeah, I created the above memes to use on Twitter. As you may know, the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" has premiered, in which Tom Hanks stars as Walt Disney. And as one might expect, the lies and slander about Walt Disney have begun to crop up again. See those words and pictures up there? All of the statements are true. Sarcastic, but true. They are facts. They were not created by Disney's PR department. They are not rumors. They are not wishful thinking. They are FACTS. Facts that are easy to discover if one does a little research through credible sources. The book "Walt Disney: An American Original" by Bob Thomas is the first and best place to start. Bob had access to Disney family members, the Disney vaults and archives, and many of Walt's employees, including the legendary Nine Old Men, Walt's favorite animators, and was allowed to write anything he wanted. Unlike other biographies of Walt, Thomas' book has never been challenged or discredited. It's that good and most importantly, that truthful.

Sadly, there are those who will not believe the facts about Walt. There are those who seem to have a veritable fetish for believing that everyone and everything that appears good and wholesome has a dark center. That's it's all a facade. That all gold is fool's gold.

Well, that's not true. There are wonderful people in this world. In fact, most people in this world are actually pretty damn great. There are monsters, sure. But they are vastly outnumbered by the kind, the compassionate, the gentle, the giving, the virtuous, the valorous, and the heroic. Never doubt it for a minute. And those are the elements Walt put into his entertainment because he believed in them. He tried to live them. True, he was human; he was flawed. He smoked too much and used profanity. He could be a difficult boss, which he understood about himself and acknowledged ("Sometimes I feel like a heel for the way I pound, pound, pound"), but he was difficult because wanted his studio's creations to live up to their full potential. In doing so, he pushed his artists beyond what even they thought they could do. And the vast majority of them admired and even loved him for it.

There are people who are worth admiring, for all of the right reasons. Walt is one of them. He was the genuine article. He really was a good guy. And isn't it more fun, more appealing, more satisfying to admire what's good, instead of sneering at imagined flaws and spreading baseless slander?

By the way, go see "Saving Mr. Banks". It's excellent. It's not 100% historically accurate as to the details, but it does employ graceful storytelling to reveal great truths. In other words, it's a pretty much a typical Disney film. ;)


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December 21, 2013


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