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Rough Sketch - Sam and Moth by Toonicorn Rough Sketch - Sam and Moth by Toonicorn
This is a rough sketch of two of the lead characters from the comic fantasy book I'm working on. The slightly slimy fellow on the right is named Sam, and he's a snail. The lady on the left is named Moth, and she's a...well...moth. Here's some info about them:

Sam: Not your ordinary garden-variety snail, Sam's been magically endowed with arms and legs to make him more useful as a wizard's familiar. Although he's an old soul (over 1,000 years old) and good at his job, he doesn't much care for magic and would rather focus his energies on wooing his flighty lady love, Moth, which he does, rather badly, via aggressive flirtation and bawdy poetry. At present, he is the (reluctant) familiar to Maudlyn, a witchling-in-training.

Moth: Shy, insecure and never forgetting the fact that she's a moth as opposed to a butterfly, Moth is devoted to her wizard and is a faithful familiar, although she's apt to be distracted, especially by her pushy would-be paramour's ongoing attempts at seduction. She is the familiar of the comic book's titular wizard, Wizbum (yes, that's his name, or at least, the name he prefers to go by).

I'm still working on the color palette for these two. When I've finalized it, I'll be posting this version again - in color.

(art and description copyright 2011 by J.L. Meadows)
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July 22, 2011
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