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Moon Racers by Toonicorn Moon Racers by Toonicorn
Yay, more Christmas art! I decided to finish my drawing "Moon Racers", and add a certain red-nosed reindeer to it. Here we see King Moonracer, King of the Island of Misfit Toys, from the classic TV special "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer", engaging in a friendly competition with Princess Luna, Princess of the Night from "My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic".  The aforementioned reindeer is more of an observer than an actual participant in the race; speed isn't his thing - his mojo is his nose. By the way, Princess Luna's winning!

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Edit: Some peeps have asked me why I drew Luna this way. It's def old-school/season 1 Luna. Well, I drew her like that because I like that Luna design best. I think it's much more visually appealing than later Luna. That Luna, to me, just looks like a smaller, re-colored goth Celestia. Question answered.
catCode Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the overall composition!! I don't know anything about mlp but I love Luna's colors.
Toonicorn Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thanks! It was fun drawing it. Good practice for me using this new art software Xara, if nothing else.

As for MLP, it's really a better cartoon than it had to be (based as it is on toys), and it does have a large adult following. Which unfortunately includes, um, what can be called The Dark Side. Pity that some cannot enjoy something innocent without corrupting it. That's the true appeal for them, I think, not the show. :P
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