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Harley's little girl part 3

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Published: October 7, 2017
© 2017 - 2019 toongrowner
This is gonna be the last part of this story for now, maybe I will return to it in the future, but for now, that's it.
Still glad to see how many people liked it, and it was a nice opportunity to try my self out a little with writting. ^^

Huge thanx to :iconxenomaster: for helping me write part 3 and for helping me with the decission, who to turn into the next girl.
My first choice was Joker, but that would be to much of a strech, and someone from batman's family and friends just would be too obvious. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy it, and that it may inspire you to some own ideas. ^^

Part 1: Harley's little girl by toongrowner
Part 2: Harley's little girl part 2 by toongrowner

Harley could not have asked for a better child. While Charlotte was a completely different person, she still possessed some of Batman's greatest skills, like an efficient use of gadgets, combat fighting and making good use of her surroundings, which often helped for an quick and easy escape. And the fact that no cop nor hero would harm such a young mislead child, was of pretty good use as well. Together they became slowly but surely one of Gotham's biggest crime duo's. And while the cops still tried to figure out from where this new girl was coming from, Batman's friends already had their suspicions.
The timing and the way how Charley Quinn's costume was designed where just way to fitting. They knew this girl was the cause of Batman's disappearance. But without any actual proof there was not much they could do, and getting a hold of the two turned out much more difficult than expected.
Of course they could not let the public know that their biggest hero disappeared and may even got turned into... but his friends could not give up hope yet. And while they tried to find a way, Nightwing offered himself to replace Batman in the meantime, so Gothman can keep his symbol.

Of course not all was just crime and destruction for Harley and her new daughter. At their hideout, they behaved pretty much like a normal family. Even Poison Ivy, who's latest schemes were more than often interrupted, decided to pretend to have started a legit life, to secretly support the young family. Charlotte even started to call her Aunt Ivy. Which I've found highly amusing, especially considering from who it was coming from.
When Harley suggested her plans to Ivy months ago, she didn't knew what to think of it. But now seeing the man that used to be so strong and able to resist her pheromones for so long now nothing but a cute little girl, loving her mother and wanting to have fun. remembering how serious and gloomy Batman often was, she kinda felt happy for him.

There was just one thing missing in this paradise. As much Charlette enjoyed the company of her mother, she wished for a playmate in her age, someone she could play along when Harley couldn't. And since a certain accident some weeks ago, the Playground was not an option anymore, even with their best disguises.
Harley promised her daughter to take care of it, even though she wasn't quite sure how yet. Unbeknownst to Harley and Charlotte, something was closing in on them.

One night while Harley and Charlotte were relaxing at home, they are caught off guard by a knock at the door. Harley opens the door while the latch is on, but she is knocked back and the door was ripped off it’s hinges. The late night visitor was Bane.
Bane explained that he had been searching for Batman for weeks, and practically every clue leads straight to Harley. Bane demands to know where Batman is, Harley reluctant to do so as she feared for Charlotte's safety and lied while signaling Charlotte to hide. Bane however does not believe Harley and threatens the villainess, who starts to fight back on pure maternal instinct. Bane and Harley begin to tear up the place, only to be caught off guard when Charlotte decided to step in and help her mother. Harley scolds Charlotte as they fight Bane, who slowly begins to realise who Charlotte was.
Bane picks up Harley and begins to question her about the child’s connection to Batman. Without thinking, Charlotte throws a random ornament at Bane’s head, and Harley shot Bane with what she thought was a gun. Before Harley realised what she had actually shot Bane with, he began to shrink rapidly, screaming like a wild animal. When it was all over, Bane was no more and a very small child took his place. Oddly enough, the child reacted in confusion and spoke nothing but Spanish, seemingly unaware of what happened.

Upon calming down the young girl (as Charlotte has some skill in speaking spanish), Harley and Charlotte take the young girl to Ivy to see what is going on, being careful with the venom pump inside the girl’s head. Ivy explains the pheromones she gave Harley were meant to slowly make someone susceptible to suggestion, but only in small doses. The amount given to the small child once called Bane unraveled his mind by decades. This was confirmed when Charlotte relayed to her mother and aunt that “Bane” last remembered being in Peña Duro, being six years old. The fight Harley and Charlotte had with Bane effectively erased the man from existence.
Ivy had also found that Bane’s Venom had altered due to the effects of the ray, it was less potent and with very few side effects. Taking sympathy on the small girl, Harley decided to adopt the transformed Bane, giving her the name “Amalia”.
Days to weeks pass and the three are a good family. Amalia loved playing with her “big sister” and doing things with her mother. It was uncanny how the Man That Broke the Bat has changed into such a timid child, one that sought forgiveness for the smallest of transgressions. Some of “old Bane” shone through from time to time as Amalia sometimes took to meditation, unsure why she did, and called a teddy she received “Osito”.

Amalia eventually wanted to join her mother and sister on their escapades. Upon accepting the request, Harley and Charlotte began training the young girl. Amalia actually took to it quite quickly, likely some remnant of Bane still left inside her. Harley soon then gave Amalia a new costume, along with the now altered venom.
Now Harley is part of the most dangerous crime trio in Gotham, along side Charlie Quinn and her new daughter “Pest”.

I should say I only altered what was after the first three paragraphs as they were honestly ok as they were. I also had a very sinister idea: Ivy's pheromone erased "Bane" and left the child that lived in Peña Duro. Before the fall that mentally snapped the kid.

Part 3 in dialog form by :iconxenomaster:
<Newspapers of how the Quinns were on a crime spree, illuding both cops and heroes alike over the course of weeks to about a month>
(In Harley’s apartment, she, Charlotte and Ivy were having dinner together)
Harley: And Dent was like “I’ll get you for this, ye pair of-.” before Charlie used adhesive silly putty to gunk his mouth shut!
Charlotte: It’s rude to say bad words in front of little girls. *begins to laugh with her mother* Hey, mom. Can I be excused?
Harley: Go right ahead, kiddo.
Charlotte: Thanks. See you, Aunt Ivy. *runs off, likely to watch TV*
Ivy: I must say, it’s uncanny to think that she was the Dark Knight.
Harley: I know, right? She’s the most perfect angel a mom can ask for.
Ivy: You know, I almost think we did the Bat a favour.
Harley: What you mean, Red?
Ivy: I mean, look at her. She’s always smiling, very upbeat. Compare that to how she used to be, a very serious and gloomy man. I almost think we did him a favour.
Harley: And you said my plan was stupid.
Ivy: I will admit, I was wrong. *looks at a clock* Damn it, look at the time. Sorry, Harl. I have to cut this visit short. *walks to the living room and takes a trenchcoat*
Charlotte: *turns around while watching TV* Going so soon, Aunt Ivy?
Ivy: Sorry, kid. But you know how it is, men to break, pollutionists to stop. *gives Charlotte a kiss on the head* See you later, honey.
Charlotte: Bye, Aunt Ivy.
(Ivy leaves incognito and Harley comes in to see Charlotte solemnly watching TV)
Harley: What’s wrong, Charlotte? *sees that what Charlotte was watching was about having friends* Oh… you’re lonely.
Charlotte: I know it’s fun with you and aunt ivy, but-.
Harley: *hugs Charlotte* I know, kiddo. It’s just that not many of us criminals have kids in the business. I know it’s hard for you, especially with that ice cream escapade the other week… but I promise I’ll find a way.
Charlotte: Thanks, mom. *hugs Harley*
(meanwhile across town, some thugs are getting tossed around)
Thug: Harley Quinn! You’re looking for Harley Quinn!
(the thug gets “knocked out”, revealing Bane was on the prowl)
(Harley and Charlotte are lounging about in their apartment. Harley was reading a magazine on the couch while Charlotte was playing about with a throwing knife when they hear a knock on the door)
Charlotte: Did you order pizza?
Harley: No… *goes to the door, opening it after making sure the chain was on the latch* Who is it?
(the door bursts open, knocking Harley back. Charlotte sat in awe as Bane trudged in)
Harley: What the heck are you doing here?! Ya better pay for the door!
Bane: Where is he?
Harley: Who?
Bane: The Bat.
Harley: *goes wide eyed*
Bane: Last anyone heard, Batman was hunting you. Now he disappears? It is no coincidence. *picks up Harley* Now, where is Batman?
Harley: L-look, you paloka. I have no idea what you are on about! *gives a hand single to Charlotte to hide, making her run off* Now get outta here!
Bane: I would… but I don’t believe you. Tell me, or the niñita may need to find her papa.
(Harley reaches for a vase and smashes it right into Bane’s face, dropping her out of surprise rather than pain. The two begin to duke it out until Charlotte interrupts them by tossing one of Harley’s throwing weapons at Bane)
Harley: Charlotte, don’t get involved.
Charlotte: I’m not going to let this bully hurt you, mom.
Bane: She has spirit…
Harley: If we live through this, you are so grounded.
(the fight continues, Harley and Charlotte proving to be untaggable targets for Bane. as the fight went on, Bane started to recognise something about Charlotte. He then pins Harley to the couch)
Bane: That girl, she has something to do with The Bat. Who is she!?
Charlotte: *seeing her mother in trouble, she picks up a convenient clown bust and throws it at Bane*
(As the bust breaks on Bane’s head, a pink liquid splashes all over him. This disorients him long enough for Harley to grab the laser on mistake and shoot Bane with it, assuming it was a real gun. Bane yells in pain and shrinks down until a small child took his place)
Harley: *notices Bane’s Venom tube* Pink?
“Bane”: *tries to back away from the two in fear and confusion* ¿Dónde estoy, qué está pasando, quién eres tú? [Where am I, what is happening, who are you?]
Charlotte: Tranquilízate, nadie te va a lastimar. [Calm down, no one's going to hurt you.]
Harley: I didn’t know you can speak Spanish.
Charlotte: *shrugs* ¿Puedes decirme quién eres? [Can you tell me who you are?]
“Bane”: Yo... no tengo nombre. [I... I don’t have a name.] *looks around* Esto no se parece a Peña Duro [This doesn't look like Peña Duro]
(Harley and Charlotte look at each other before cutting to Ivy’s place some time later. Ivy and Harley were discussing the situation while Charlotte was keeping “Bane” company)
Ivy: *rubs temple* Harl… you are either really lucky, really dumb or cunning as a fox. You are telling me that… THAT, is Bane?
Harley: Yeah…
Ivy: You two overdosed him on the pheromone I gave you and used that same toy you used on Batman. Not a memory left of that burly monster left!
Harley: I was meaning to ask about that.
Ivy: *sighs* The pheromone was meant to slowly break down any resistance to suggestion. What you did was a complete mind wipe. In his… her case, it seems all the way to the point where Bane wasn’t such a beast. I can’t believe it, you of all people managed to not just beat but erase Batman and Bane!
Harley: What about his juice?
Ivy: Yes, the Venom seems to be altered. While I can only guess, it seems that the ray you used seems to have regressed the Venom’s potency. I’d need to run some tests to be absolutely sure.
(The two women look at the two girls. Charlotte and “Bane” seem to be getting along quite well)
Ivy: So, what are you gonna do?
Harley: ...Take responsibility. *makes her way to Charlotte and “Bane” and kneels* Charlotte, honey. Can you translate for me?
Charlotte: I’ll try.
Harley: *turns to “Bane”* I know you’re scared and confused. From what you told me, you had it pretty rough. But I can look after you. Give you a home and food. I can help, but only if you let me.
(Charlotte takes everything Harley says and translates it so “Bane” can understand. “Bane” just hugs Harley and cries. Harley picks up the girl and carries her into where she and Ivy were talking)
Ivy: Are you sure about this?
Harley: Parenthood is it’s own reward. Right, Charlie?
Charlotte: *smiles*
Harley: There is one last thing, Red.
Ivy: And what’s that?
Harley: Can we crash here? Bane busted up our place.
(Some time later, after Harley’s place was fixed up, she returned with some shopping to be greeted by the former Bane, hugging her leg)
“Bane”: Mamá, lo siento mucho! No quise decir a-.
Harley: Whoa. Slow down, Amalia. You speak spanish when you talk fast.
Amalia: *let's go* S-sorry, mama. I saw a spider… *looks over to a wall with a hole in it the size of a small child’s fist*
Harley: *places groceries on the counter* Wow, you have a good right hook.
Amaila: Please, mama. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-.
Harley: *places hands on Amalia’s shoulders* Sweetie, don’t get yourself worked up. It’s not that big a deal, we all make accidents.
Amailia: *sniffs* Ok, mama.
Harley: Besides, I got ya something. *gives Amalia a teddy bear*
Amalia: *gasps* Thank you, mama! *takes the bear and runs off* Charlotte! Look was mama got me!
(Harley looks on at the two girls playing about, a tear coming to her eye before eyeing the clock)
Harley: Ok girls, bedtime.
Amalia and Charlotte: Yes mama/mom.
(the two prepare for bed, changing and brushing their teeth. Harley came in to tuck in Amalia)
Amalia: Mama, can I ask you something?
Harley: What is it, baby?
Amalia: You know how you and Charlotte go out and commit crimes? C- can I join you?
Harley: Are you sure that’s what ya want, kiddo?
Amaila: *nods*
Harley: *thinks* Well… not yet.
Amaila: *sinks into her bed in disappointment*
Harley: You need to learn the basics first, kiddo?
Amaila: *smiles* Thank you, mama.
Harley: Starting tomorrow, your sister and I’ll be teaching you how to be a good little criminal. But for now, you need your beauty sleep. *kisses Amaila on the head*
Amaila: Wait, mama. Kiss Osito too.
Harley: *does so to humour her daughter* Good night, sweetie. *turns off the light before leaving the room and picking up the phone* Hey, Red. How’s the Venom?
Ivy: Well, it’s not exactly Venom. More like “Venom Lite”. It’s pretty harmless, but not really the same thing.
Harley: Would it be safe for Amaila?
Ivy: I guess… what are you up to?
Harley: Fam secret. Thanks, Red! *hangs up*
(over the next few weeks, Amaila was trained by her mother and sister. Oddly, she seemed to progress faster than Charlotte did. Amaila even improvised some training herself, as if it was instinctual. This went on for some time until one day when the three were lounging about at home when there was a knock on the door.)
Harley: *grabs a mallet and walks to the door, checking as she did last time only for no one to be there but a package*
Charlotte: What is it, mom?
Harley: *reads the note on the package* It’s from Red.
Charlotte: Aunt Ivy?
Amaila: Tía Ivy?
Harley: “Harl. This is the best I can do considering. Give the girls my love, Ivy”. *Harley opens it and realises what it is* It’s for you, Ami. *hands the parcel over to her younger daughter*
(Amaila goes into her room and puts on the outfit. Like Charlotte’s, it was very reminiscent of Harley’s but had some details of Bane’s. Most notably a tube full of pink liquid being fed into her body)
Charlotte: Looking good, sis.
Amaila: *smiles*
Harley: So precious! Girls, we are going to rule Gotham!
<Newspapers of how Harley and her daughters on a crime spree, overpowering all form of law enforcement. The headlines label Amaila as Pest.>
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Ain’t this a happy crime family :3
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they're cute, all of them OwO
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cute litlte 3 parter thoe ivy needs to marry harley and join the family :D
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So, gonna do a part involving an abusive Joker returning?
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I have... some small excerpts
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Idea in a last ditch effort to get his batsy boy back, the joker makes convincing bat imposturs to try to see if lightning hits twice in the same place. The joker calls it "the life and death of the bat". Will Harley and her daughters survive their time in the spotlight? will the solution of the bat-B-gone be revealed? Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat deviantart page.
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Likely won't go so well since the other side indeed has Batman, a girl who can break walls by giving them a slight kick and his ex girlfriend. Jack Napier is screwed
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Would the pretty much reincarnations of Batman and Bane go against their mother. That something deep down made them turn against harley? Like Charlotte going against commiting crimes?
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Man, I cannot believe how lucky Harley got herself!
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This is so wonderful and great
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Ok Harley has been too successful in her schemes.
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This was a really good series.
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It's great, do you plan to do another Batman transformation story?
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