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Rest in peace Stan Lee by toongrowner Rest in peace Stan Lee :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 316 27 Butterixie family update by toongrowner Butterixie family update :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 143 11 Minnie the Plumber by toongrowner Minnie the Plumber :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 113 12 Robo Butts by toongrowner Robo Butts :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 321 49 Evil Sketchs 05112018 by toongrowner Evil Sketchs 05112018 :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 55 8 Sketch 051102018 by toongrowner Sketch 051102018 :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 76 13 Leg Heart Team Attack by toongrowner Leg Heart Team Attack :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 182 11 Stevonnie pearlified by toongrowner Stevonnie pearlified :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 71 4 Elastigirl destabilized by toongrowner Elastigirl destabilized :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 90 4 thankfull handshake by toongrowner thankfull handshake :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 193 10 halloween sketches 2018 by toongrowner halloween sketches 2018 :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 41 7 Halloween 2018 the gang comes together by toongrowner Halloween 2018 the gang comes together :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 95 27 Power of Legs by toongrowner Power of Legs :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 246 22 draw this again meme super zeroes ppg by toongrowner draw this again meme super zeroes ppg :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 50 6 Redraw Super Zeroes PPG by toongrowner Redraw Super Zeroes PPG :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 221 16 Draw this again meme animaniacs vs anime by toongrowner Draw this again meme animaniacs vs anime :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 35 4


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Rest in peace Stan Lee
Have to say it. School was a harsh time for me as a kid, and spiderman was certainly one of the reasons that keeped me strong and made me who I am.
Thanks a lot for that, Stan Lee (and of course all the other involved in the creation of spiderman).
Rest in peace 

And another legend is leaving our world. :(

Made this with the photomode in the spiderman ps4 game
Ive got an idea for quiet an unusal artist collaberation.
A comic where Miss Bellum (from the Powerpuff girls) pretty much beats the shit out of Femme Fetale, the femin-nazi villain from the original PPG episode "Equal fights".
And with every attack Bellum say metions something feminism and sjws have done real bad over the years.
As example: "This is for destroying years of progress against sex-and racism!" and so on and so on.

The idea is pretty much different artist drawing eachone panel of Miss Bellum beating /or something else, Femme Fetale and then putting all panels together in one big comic.

you don't have to put text in your picture. Actually I probably will put the whole text in myself when putting all together, just to be sure certain complains don't get repeated (if you have a better idea, please let me know).

THe picture you draw should at best be a horizontal rectangle, but besides that, you can draw it any way you like. Different art-styles are welcome. Character design changes and even race-bending if you like, are also okay

You can be as brutal and creative as you like, it just has to look dynamic.
But please nothing fatal, this will be for the last few panels, which I personal would like to provide. :3

If you are not good ad drawing but wanna mention something that bothers  you or makes you quiet angry about modern feminism, then let me know and I try my best to include it in the comic. Possible that I forget certain problems, that's what it might be helpfull.

I will only fully realize this idea if at least 8 people join this collab. If you are interested please let me know here in the comments. Don't start drawing until we have enough people together for that. I will let you know when it is time to begin.

That's all for now ^^

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Butterixie family update
Here a little something I have not done in quiet a while. My OC Yeardley Tang, together with her mothers Buttercup (the powerpuff girls) and Trixie Tang (Fairly odd parents).

Some of you may noticed that I changed my Butterixie story a little, so that Buttercup and Trixie allready meet at a young age and became close friends, with later becomming a couple.
My idea of them having a Daughter named Yeardly will stay the same though.
I also wanted to try to see what Buttercup and Trixie could look like as MILFs so I gave the three a little age boost. With Yeardley now having a different Outfit and longer hair and Trixie having gained a little weight since she gave birth to Yeardley.

Another little change I did...well, some people asked me sometimes if I could give Yeardley a little sister, this time with Buttercup being the pregnant one. But I prefered to have Yeardley be a only child. 
Well I changed it that Yeardley now has a little sister... but not in the way people asked for. ^^;

The little sister is actually Sedusa (now called Nedusa/Nedi). While trying to find eternal youth and immortality, Sedusa got turned into a little child, without any memory of her former self. So Buttercup and Trixie agreed to adopt and raise the little child, with Yeardley not knowing that Nedi was a former villain of her mom.

Of course in this universe, my other OC, Eudelia (Daughter of Sedusa) still exist, and is aware of the new life of her mother, but is okay with it, cause she sees it as a chance for her mother to start over and redem herself.
Eudelia btw. stopped being a criminal herself and even joined a superhero team in another city.

Well that's all for now. I hope you enjoy my new take on the Butterixie family. ^^;
Minnie the Plumber
Minnie starting a carrer as a Plumber... heck, she even got a little "M" for Minnie on her hat. :3

Me just trying to draw modern Minnie, though I probably could still need a little practice there. ^^;
Robo Butts
Nora: Sigh... why did I even designed her as a teenager?
>>remembers wild ideas and fantasies about her and a female robot
Nora: ah yes... because I was a teenager myself when I got the idea... stupid hormones!

I just could not resist XD ^^;
But damn, I still have sometimes trouble drawing XJ9's head, no wonder I draw her so rarely...


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a lot of cartoon soundtracks. XD

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Toongrowner what I do by toongrowner

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toongrowner Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I have seen the crossover, sad it was so short, but besides that pretty awesome. ^^

Also I don't hate the new ben 10 show, just find it a little... meh.
though I do like the character designs of Ben and Gwen.
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