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My Bio
Color: green
food: Spaghetty bolognese, Madelpan (Marzipan) X3
Drink: Ice-tea, banana juice
Ice cream: Pistachio
SHows: Phineas and Ferb, the Powerpuff Girls, The Mighty Bee, Freakazoid
Movie: The Dark Knight, the Thing,Figth Club,
The Nightmare before Christmas
Animals: Chameleon, Bat, Dolfin
Games: God of War, Persona 4, Final Fantasy 7
Cartoon style: Ren and Stimpy, Butch Hartman, Phineas and Ferb
favourtie songs: F**k you gently (tenacious-D), I kissed a Girl (Katey Perry), all songs of "die Prinzen". ^^
a lot of cartoon soundtracks. XD

Totally hate: Chain Letters, Religion fanatics, trolls, bad cartoon shows, live action shows (but not ICarly, ICarly is kinda okay), Karate and or Ninja shows and movies. That new TV-shows and episodes appear much much later or never in germany tv. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Vampires ala Twillight, the spooky little black hair girl cliche, "Boobs are everything" art, Bollywood,Easter, People who think cartoons are just for kids,
Toongrowner what I do by toongrowner

Current Residence: On the Ass of the universe
Favourite genre of music: all whats good
Operating System: Windows xp
Favourite cartoon character: To many! XD
Personal Quote: my englisch is not good but i try

Favourite Visual Artist
all my friends! XD
Favourite Movies
The Dark Knight, Planet Terror, the thing, Fight Club
Favourite TV Shows
Phineas and Ferb, the Powerpuff Girls
Favourite Books
Der Schwarm, Mordshunger
Favourite Writers
Frank Schätzling
Favourite Games
Persona 4, Kingdom Hearts 2, God of War
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
comics, cartoons,

New 6 character meme challenge!

New 6 character meme challenge!

So appearently some people still do the 6 character challenge /meme, so I thought, hey, why not try another one yourself and use that for an oportunity you always wanted to try? So yeah, wanna do another one and you can give me suggestions... BUT! I wanna go with a theme this time. Specificly: Games you collect and battle monsters. Basicly every character as a monster from a different franchise (which I will name you). of course there are so freakin many in these and some quiet overly detailed, I will set a few rules on what I accept as suggestions. You can then write down what mosnter you would like to see and I will decided either on which ones get suggested the most or which one I would like to draw the most. Well now to the franchices and rules: 1) Pokemon Only from generation 1 or 2. No Charizard (Way too overhyped in my opinion) no farfetch'd, no dragonair, (Don't like these two) and no machamp (have already future plans for this one and don't wanna draw him twice yet) 2)

6 Character meme

6 Character meme

You may have heard of the 6 character meme recently. Basically you guys suggest 6 characters to me and I draw fanart of them and put them in the meme. This might be a nice chance for me to draw some characters I rarely draw or never have drawn before. so feel free to make your suggestions and I then choose the top 6 for this meme. Feel free to suggest shows I don't know/have not drawn before You can also suggest anime and video games if you like ^^ of course I will post the meme here as soon as its done :3 Looking forward your suggestions ^^

conflicted on P5R

conflicted on P5R

Maybe you can give me some advice, folks. I was waiting soooooo long for persona 5 royal to come out. Pretty much made sure I have the money on launch day, was looking forward to it so much and then... they news came that the game get censored. That atlus bent to the sjw crowd. And censorship is clearly something I don't want to support. And I'm saying this as someone who did actually felt a bit uncomfortable about the gay guy scene, but I still want to experience the game as it was meant to be and not some version made for people in safe spaces who don't even play video games. I'm highly against censorship. Even if it's something small, on the long run it will be just more and more that will be changed. Not to mention the hypocrisy Just take Jill's skirt from the resident evil 3 remake. the sjw saying something like "So it got changed, what is the point over crying such a little detail?" Well if it was such a little detail, why did you cry about so much it being changed? Whats

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do you draw Robot Jones and Skullgirls characters with a heartbeat?

Seriously, check this out:

Hats dance

merry christmas tg

do you take art trades or reqests?

I seen you ship BC with triex, what's nexts you be shipping Timmy with Brick, Butch, nor Boomer?

Can you do an update of this?