Chunky Kong is one heck of a guy in Death Battle!

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Chunky Kong

First Appearance: Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Age: Unknown
Occupation: DK Crew Member, Wrestler
Classification: Ape
Affiliation: Kong Family and the DK Crew
Likes: Playing his musical triangle, Pineapple Compote, Bananas, Toys, Eating (a lot!)
Theme Song:

- Defeated Dogadon in Fungi Forest and King Kut Out in Creepy Castle.
- Teamed up with DK, Diddy, Lanky, and Tiny to stop King K. Rool from destroying DK Isles.
- Along with the DK Crew, freed K. Lumsy from his cage.
- Saved the rabbit (the same one who challenged Lanky at racing) who was tied up to a TNT barrel.
- Finally knocked out King K. Rool in his round in the boxing match.
- Saved the last banana tree on the island and helped to grow a new plantation.
- Once KO'd a giant squid alongside DK. (See below)

- Helped DK, Diddy, and Cranky fight off K. Rools forces in a temple.
- Helped Donkey Kong take down a giant bird boss that was guarding an island.
- Helped DK and Diddy fight a giant squid and Captain Scurvy's crew.

- Is implied to have defeated other strong fighters in tournaments.
- Is said to have won several fighting tournaments.


Boulderholder By Doctormoodb-db3296i by ToonGamer619
- Chunky is regarded as the strongest Kong of the Kong Family.
- According to the DK rap, "Is so strong it isn't funny."
- He is said to be stronger than Donkey Kong, who punched down the moon once.
- Can stop a giant speeding rolling boulder five times his size with his bare hands and hold it back. (Shown in the picture above)
Chunkythrows01 By Doctormoodb-db32ahb by ToonGamer619
Chunkythrows02 By Doctormoodb-db32am3 by ToonGamer619
- Once chucked Tiny Kong across a wide lake into a small island in the middle of it. (Shown above)
- Once punched a giant squid at the same time as Donkey Kong; their combined might was enough to severely damage it and finally knock it out.
- Can actually lift Donkey Kong himself, who weighs 800 lbs.
- Can pick up boulders and steel kegs "with relative ease".
- Can also throw said boulders with enough force to make it EXPLODE upon landing.
- According to the DK Rap, Chunky is able to crush rocks and make it "seem such a breeze."
- Sent Lanky flying by accidentally smacking him.
- Can also break down gates that are sturdy enough for even DK to break down.
- Knocked out King K. Rool after punching him four times with Primate Punch.
- Accidentally threw Tiny high into the air on top of a cliff behind him.
- Is said to have taken on strong fighters in tournaments.
- An excellent climber and great at swinging vines.
- Is an great swimmer. 

Vgp88r by ToonGamer619
- Tanked getting cartoonishly squashed by a boulder that he threw. (See picture above)
- Shrugged off falling to the ground in his cage.
- Can take blows from enemies larger than himself and get back up.
- Survived a helicopter crash that ended up with an explosion.
- - All it did was leave him shaken up, but otherwise he was completely unharmed.

- Can take being rammed into by fireball enemies.
- Can take hits from King K. Rool.
- Can hold his breath in water for an EXTREMELY long time.
- Has light toon force, as he can fall from great heights and get flattened, only to reform in seconds (though it still harms hIm).

g59XDl by ToonGamer619
- Is as fast as you can expect from someone his size.
- Can change his clothes in under a second or two and run back on screen.
- Can dodge lasers from King Kut Out.
- Can probably keep up with the faster members of the Kong family.

- Knows how to swim.
- Has some 4th wall awareness.
- Displays musical talent with playing his musical triangle.


250px-Primate Punch - Donkey Kong 64 by ToonGamer619
Primate Punch:
- Takes out most enemies in one hit.
- Able to break down sturdy gates easily.
- Can send enemies flying a short distance.

180px-DK64 Gorilla Gone by ToonGamer619

Gorilla Gone:
- Turns Chunky invisible, unable to be seen by enemies.
- Can attack enemies while in this form.
- His vest and cap are still visible, though.
- - Either It's only visible to the player or the enemies just don't care at all.

Hunky ChunkyDK64 by ToonGamer619
Hunky Chunky:
- Upon entering a barrel with his face on it, Chunky grows giant.
- Chunky's strength and size is further increased.
- Can easily step on and crush smaller enemies in this form.

SimianSlam by ToonGamer619
Simian Slam: 
- The weakest of his ground pounds.
- Can be used to damage enemies.
- Can press green buttons with his face on them.

SuperSimianSlam by ToonGamer619
Super Simian Slam: 
- A slightly stronger version of his Simian Slam.
- Can be used to damage enemies.
- Can press blue buttons with his face on them.

Superdupersimianslam By Toongamer619-dainalk by ToonGamer619
Super Duper Simian Slam: 
- The strongest version of his Simian Slam.
- Can be used to damage enemies.
- Can press red buttons with his face on them.

Shockwave Attack:
- A chargeable attack.
- As it charges up, Chunky begins to gradually get surrounded by red orbs that spin faster around him the longer he charges it up.
- When finally unleashed, Chunky lets out a huge belch and releases a green shockwave that K.Os most enemies and even tough enemies like Klump and Kasplat.
- Takes just one Crystal Coconut to use.


Hqdefault (1)-1 by ToonGamer619
- Despite his large and bulky build, Chunky is rather kind, pleasant, and gentle.
- Is probably one of the more friendlier kongs of the Kong Family.
- Doesn't like to fight and prefers to not be involved in confrontations.
- Despite this, He will fight if he has to.
- He is also pretty clumsy.
- Chunky is crazy about toys and sees the Kremlings as giant play figures whom one can give a good beating.
- He is also rather cowardly and i
sn't above begging for mercy when he thinks he is in danger.
- Despite this, he gathers up the courage to help those in need and to protect his friends.


180px-DK64 Chunky Artwork by ToonGamer619
Pineapple Launcher:
- A makeshift wooden missile launcher that fires out pineapples.
-The pineapples damages the enemy.
-The pineapples can be used to activate switches or buttons.
-With the Sniper Scope, can be used to 'snipe' the enemy from afar.
-Chunky can also use a red-tinted homing variant of his pineapple ammo, which homes in on the enemy.

Orange by ToonGamer619
Orange Grenades

- Oranges that are modified as makeshift grenades that explode.
- Capable of taking out bigger enemies like a Klump.
- Can be used to get by tough barriers.
- Are still edible, but it's not recommended for an obvious reason.

175px-DK64 Chunky Kong Triangle by ToonGamer619
Triangle Trample:
- He plays a Ice Cream truck-like jingle on his musical triangle.
- A shockwave emerges after his musical tune which K.Os all enemies within Chunky's range.

105px-DK64CrystalCoconut by ToonGamer619
Crystal Coconuts:
- Can carry up to the maximum of 40 crystal coconuts.
- Fuels abilities such as Hunky Chunky and the Shockwave attack.

32264 by ToonGamer619
Crystal Coconut (Multiplayer variant):
- Either shrinks Chunky or makes Chunky giant temporarily.

DK64 Blue Banana by ToonGamer619
Blue Banana (Multiplayer variant):
-Has two variants: one in story mode that's pretty much just a collectable for only Lanky, and one in Multiplayer that's a weapon.
-When used, the enemy will be encased in a thick, blue, gelatinous goop that temporarily renders them unable to move.

1482536167312-1 by ToonGamer619
Yellow Banana (Multiplayer Variant):
-Has two variants: one in story mode that's pretty much just a collectable for only DK, and one in Multiplayer that's a weapon.
-Grants Chunky temporary speed.

40216-1 by ToonGamer619
Orange Grenade (Multiplayer Variant):
-Makes a shockwave in the area surrounding Chunky.


tumblr lu1klvmCnf1qjps03o1 500 (1) by ToonGamer619
- Has to find a pad with his face on it in orider to use Gorilla Gone.
- Is the slowest of the DK Crew.
- Can't jump high.
- Is afraid of things that are weaker than him.
- Doesn't really have much intelligence feats, Implying that he may as dumb (if not, dumber) as DK.
- Is afraid of heights.
- Is probably one of the most obscure Kongs of the Kong Family (along with Swanky and his younger brother, Kiddy.)
- - In fact, his most recent appearance is all the way back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) as just a sticker.

Chunkyfunny2 by ToonGamer619
"Me wait in tag barrel until you need help."
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Edit: Added new feats for Chunky from the DKC cartoon manga.

Credit and thanks to :icondoctormoodb: for providing me with feats for Chunky from the Donkey Kong Country cartoon Manga!
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Mind if i use this?
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Go ahead, just credit me.
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Wonderful work with the bio! Weird how Chunky kinda disappeared along with Lanky...
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Im thinking about using chunky for a battle against stimpy from ren and stimpy