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Whenever someone comes up to me, and tells me that watching cartoons is an immature hobby, I point this simple fact out!
Tis a personal quote of mine, yup!
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GOOD GRAVY!!!! I never thought this slogan would become so popular.
It's funny that so many people on the web use this slogan, and yet have no clue where it comes from!! LOL!
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but....they make them for children....

you expect children to make cartoons??

what a weird statement...
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PanxietyHobbyist General Artist

:thinking: Indeed

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AgnosticDragonHobbyist Writer
Some of them are not for children, like South Park. The Simpsons is full of social commentary. Maybe you should ask which cartoons are not for adults and why.
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
I've always known that
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I'm 32 and I will always love cartoons.
Like The Trap Door, The Smurfs 80's cartoon series, SpongeBob, Darkwing Duck, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Gummi Bears, We Bare Bears, South Park and many more.
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Littlefoot505Hobbyist General Artist
Totally using. I'm 19 and a HUGE cartoon fan, and I don't care what anyone thinks (although I get surprisingly little lip for liking most of what I do)
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ayakolove300Hobbyist Artist
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MatthewDaAnimeFanboyHobbyist General Artist
I like anime more, but there is still some Western animation I appreciate.
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flaminqobonesHobbyist General Artist
I'm 13 and I still enjoy animated films.
Unfortunately, since there aren't as many good animated TV shows these days, I don't watch them all that often. But there are certainly some good ones out there.
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YourClairyGodmotherStudent General Artist
That's what I tell people! ;)
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OCT0PLASMHobbyist Digital Artist
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Using...I often like to watch behind-the-scenes bonus features for certain animated films.
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YoseiiNineHobbyist Digital Artist
True that. Using
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RuithergaHobbyist Digital Artist
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MsWaffleKittyStudent Filmographer
Using on my profile page (if that's alright).
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RaeanahHobbyist Digital Artist
Witty, and one hundred percent correct; I'll add this to my Deviant Art ID.
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PlanetDeadwingHobbyist Writer
This stamp is now very outdated. Barely anyone calls cartoons "immature" nowadays. And anyone who does is immediately laughed at.

Way back in 2007 (when this stamp was uploaded) there was still a lingering stigma. But nowadays thanks to the exponential increase in nerd culture it's considered very normal to like cartoons, anime and family-friendly video games.

Back in 2007 if you admitted to liking Pokémon you'd be given weird looks. Now if you DON'T like Pokémon you're given weird looks.
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ButterflyLibraGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
Um, people actually still DO think this. Have you ever heard of Clay Claymore?
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PlanetDeadwingHobbyist Writer
No, I haven't heard of him though he sounds like a typical immature troll YouTuber, of which there are hundreds.
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RixiTheGoatHobbyist Digital Artist
This is very true 
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kruzifixation Digital Artist
No one can stress this enough it's soooo true!
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I support teens and adults being allowed to enjoy cartoons, toys, videogames, whatever as long as they go maturely about it. But because we make them doesn't seem like a logical reason to me.

We also make baby food. Does that mean it's meant for us to consume?
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SophiaDahlenHobbyist General Artist
I like cartoons,videogames,and dolls and I'm 17
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aydaapbHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is a nice answer to everything XD
i use it
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