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Yogi's Winter Wonderland Read-Along
Note: Here's part two of the Yogi the Snow-Bear summarization trilogy, and yes, I meant to do a summarization of Bambi's Flight Before Christmas in July, but I was short on time and focus to get it done, so I postponed it for November or December.
"Part Two:
Yogi's Winter Wonderland"
We go back to the stage room, with our attention now on Grandpa Spankenheimer and he says to us, "And now, as the character in the Andy Griffith role of this version also, I'll be telling you a summarization of the second chapter of the Frosty tribute that would have been, where Yogi comes back and is given a female snow-bear mate, but his happiness is threatened by Julien Frost and his cohorts. This will all be told from the storyteller's usual point of view. I apologize to anyone who expects more humorous lines from the lemurs, for there will only be a couple interpreted, but that's what happens when you have to sum it all up in one setting."
Two years after Yogi promised Isabella and the rest o
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 1
The Reluctant Vampire Cat Chapter 16
Note: Finally, after so long, we've come to the last chapter. To anyone who wanted the monsters to do some more brawling and give Eddie Cougar more to do, I apologize for wasting the potential, but I didn't want to overdo it, especially when I have the possibility to do a sequel.
Chapter 16: A Happy End for Monsters and Toonsters
As the smoke cleared, the other housekeeping witches flew out and used their magic to unfreeze everyone and/or turn them back to normal, while helping most get back on their feet. Then everyone remembered the explosion, and turned to the pit created by the explosion. They looked worried. Have their five friends survived?
Then some flapping was heard, and out from the pit came flapping Dracula, Mavis and Furrball in bat form, carrying Fifi and Sneezer, setting them on the ground, with the five coughing a bit. Furrball quickly changed into his bat and pulled his love out in time, and the other two vampires pulled Sneezer out in time as well.
Then everyone cheere
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 5
The Reluctant Vampire Cat Chapter 15
Well, two more chapters, and this can finally be done!
Chapter 15: Monsters vs. Lucille
The other racers and toonsters all arrived, stopping their vehicles and gasping to see Furrball and his friends in pain. Furrball tried to stretch his arm out to reach the finish line, but Lucille fired another ball of fire at the finish line, destroying it.
Lucille groaned in frustration, "Oh, this whole race has been a pointless delay! I should have just cancelled it and taken you with me in the first place!" She then flew down to seize Furrball, but before she could, a roar was heard, getting her attention, and from the forest came flying a griffin with a familiar loon riding its back as if riding a stallion. It must have been the monster that took Shirley earlier.
Shirley shouted, "Yee-haw! Get along, big griffin!"
Babs grinned, "Shirley! You're alive!"
"Like, don't you know it! I am good with wild animals so it was no huge task taming this big guy." She petted the griffin, making him purr lik
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 2
The Year Without a Kermit Claus Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Visit to Southtown
Tennessee and Chumley kept on falling, until Annabelle swooped in the nick of time, and saved them both, flying them out of there.
Chumley: I thought I lost you, pal!
Tennessee: Yeah, I did too!
So Annabelle flew them safely out of the place while Donald jumped up and down in fury.
Donald: They got away! THEY GOT AWAAAYYY!!! WAAAAAAKKKK!!!!
Then a snowball was hit at the warm duck's side, making him yelp and jump like mad from feeling the cold. Daffy, the obvious culprit, laughed gloatingly before turning around, not paying attention to Donald lean the heat ray to the direction of his brother, and the winter duck got blasted, making him scream.
Daffy: (leaps in the air) YEEEOOOWWWCHHH!!!
He then turned back an angry scowl as he shook his fist at Donald, and the fight resumed.
Miss Piggy's Voice: Just a baby perhaps, but little Annabelle pulled the boys out of a pretty tight spot.
Soon, far from the Miser Bird Bros' location, Annabelle flew over some ca
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 5 6
Tally-Ho to the Wedding! by ToonFanJoey Tally-Ho to the Wedding! :icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 6 10
Jenny-hontas Read-Along
Note: Back on June 20th, 2013, I thought of an idea for a YouTube recast spoof of the Pocahontas films featuring Penelope Cat (from Looney Tunes) in the title role, with either Tom (Tom & Jerry), Sylvester or Pepe Le Pew as John Smith and John Rolfe. I couldn't decide which two of the three would work.
Later, after watching Free Birds, I realized a better opportunity: a "Pocahontas" retelling with animals, with poultry as the main characters. Jenny (Free Birds) would work, and Rocky (Chicken Run) being another Mel Gibson character and another poultry would work for John Smith.
The rest of the cast:
Governor Ratcliffe - Rancid Rabbit (Catdog)
Wiggins - Dunglap (Catdog)
Meeko - Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs; since he parodied Meeko in the Animaniacs episode that parodies the Disney movie)
Flit - Woodstock (Peanuts)
Percy - Porkchop (Doug)
Chief Powhattan - Chief Broadbeak (Free Birds)
Kekata - Lovelace (Happy Feet)
Thomas - Skunk (Skunk Fu; as a young adult)
Nakoma -
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 1
The Year Without a Kermit Claus Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Piggy's Plan
Days passed by on a snowy day at the North Pole.
Miss Piggy's Voice: Well, can you imagine, more or less, what happened when that news reached the press?
Then some spinning newspapers that read "Kermit says, 'Too Tired!" and "'Not Coming' Says the Frog!" appeared.
Miss Piggy's Voice: Headlines screamed, and wires were humming, "Kermit says, 'Too Tired!", "Not Coming!".
At a stable, two of the team reindeer were eating hay, while the rest were being groomed by elves.
Miss Piggy's Voice: Of course, everyone was hoping Kermit would change his mind. For out in the stable, nuzzling hay, the reindeer dreamed of Christmas Day, but Kermit phoned to the reindeer groom.
The lead grooming elf saw picked up the ringing phone hanging nearby. Kermit's voice was heard on the other end.
Kermit's Voice: This is Kermit. To confirm my early announcement, hang up in the harness in the big store room.
Miss Piggy was seen outside the doorway of Kermit's bedroom, explaining what was h
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 2
The Reluctant Vampire Cat Chapter 14
Note: Finally, after so long of putting this on hold, I'm going to be finishing this story, which still won't be easy as anticipated.
Chapter 14: The Monster Road Rally (Part 2)
The race continued as all the monster cars, now repaired, continued racing throughout Transylvania.
Lucille was heard announcing to the ones watching the race, "Well, monster motor fans, the necessary repairs have been made, and the cars are all back on the track again."
Furrball's car soon caught up with the others as Jack added, "And the Vampire Cat Vehicle is back as well."
Furrball and his passengers tried to drive past his opponents, but it was hard to. Dizzy saw a button with some tail spinning of some sort. The purple Tasmanian devil commented, "This car could do with good tailwind."
So he pressed the button, and then a long artificial blue feline tail appeared out of the back end of the car and started spinning fast like a fan, that it lifted the car above all the other cars of the dumbstruck opponents.
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 2
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero Review
ToonFanJoe's Movie Review - SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO
My dad and I came back from "Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero" at the last possible chance we could see it on the big screen, what with it doing poorly at the box-office. We thought it would be worth seeing an animated feature based on a true story with the canine hero of World War 1 on the big screen, because it has something different than what other studios are centering their computer-animated films about.
It was charming and very moving, and Stubby was absolutely adorable. We enjoyed just about every minute of him, but one other guy who was in the theater with us enjoyed the film most. He laughed at just about every motion Stubby made or at every comedic line from one of the characters.
What we also enjoyed were the friendships between Stubby, his master Robert Conroy, and the french soldier Gaston Baptiste. The other things to praise about it are the heart, the sequences with flash-animated soldiers and maps, the fair CG anim
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 0
Incredibles 2 Review (Warning: Spoilers)
ToonFanJoe's Movie Review - INCREDIBLES 2
Warning: This review contains spoilers, so to anyone who has not seen the movie yet, do not read this.
The night after this year's American holiday of fireworks, my dad and I got to see the Incredibles next adventure after all these years, and it was as incredible as the first one, pun intended!
This was really worth waiting 14 years for. It was an action-packed, comedic and suspenseful continuation of everyone's favorite superhero family, and another satisfying sequel from Pixar.
What I feel like mentioning, regarding this film:
- I thought the hero ban was lifted at the end of the first film
- I was sort of hoping the Underminer would get more screen time (they really are giving Mr. Ratzenberger less scenes nowadays)
- I like how the beginning with Tony Rydinger getting interviewed by Agent Dicker, along with getting his memory erased, was similar to the short, "Jack-Jack Attack"
- Speaking of Tony, it was nice how they extended his role in t
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 3
Personal Awesome Mix Meme Template by ToonFanJoey Personal Awesome Mix Meme Template :icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 5 1 Girls I ship Tails with by ToonFanJoey Girls I ship Tails with :icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 4 7
Yogi the Snow-Bear 1 Read-Along
Disclaimer: Since 2009, I thought I was going to do just one wave of versions of the Rudolph, Frosty and Year Without a Santa Claus specials with all of them taking place in the same continuity, but in 2012, when I've taken interest in online video recast spoofs, I thought about doing an online video recast spoof as well, except with added subtitles and lines to fit certain logical points more and stay with the continuity, like an actual fanmake, but like with the others, I later realized it would not work, so I thought I could just do them in fan fiction form, because I've grown more attached to them than the others.
However, before deciding I wouldn't be able to pull them off as spoofs to watch, I kind of reused cast members from my fanmake series I was already working on, because I was a bit lazy. Now, I'll be doing the Frosty the Snowman trilogy, Year Without a Santa Claus and A Miser Brothers Christmas spoofs in read-along summarization form, while the Rudolph films will be in fan
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 1
How Stan and Heff Stole Christmas 4
Finally, after a long period of writer's block, I am finishing this thing up, and just in time for July.
Chapter 4: A Changed Heffalump and Woozle
It is nearing daybreak, and both Stan and Heff have their sleigh stuffed to the brim with oversized bags of their ill-gotten haul. The residents are due to wake up at any given minute now.
"It was near daybreak,
And so far, not a single animal is awake.
Before anyone could arise,
They had to make their escape,
With all their ill-gotten gains
Of every different size, color and shape."
Stan got out his whip and hit Francisco with it, making him yelp as he started pulling away from that part of the woods like the wind, to the point of burrowing deep in the snow to the point of only his antler being visible in the snow. Of course, Francisco kept pulling the sled and villains out of Pooh Corner.
Realizing that they were barely getting anywhere, Stan pushed Heff out of the sled and made him co-pull the sleigh as well. Eventually, the sleigh st
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 2 5
Paddington 2 Review (Warning: Spoilers)
ToonFanJoe's Movie Reviews - PADDINGTON 2
I checked out a DVD copy of the sequel to the live-action Paddington film at the library and finally got to watch it, and I still regret not seeing it on the big screen.
I thought this one was even better than the original because there were less awkward moments in this, but like the first one, it provided a few laughs and type of emotion a family movie should have.
My favorite things about this film:
* The three calypso songs sung throughout parts of the movie, including "Jump In The Line (Shake, Shake, Senora)" played at the end, despite how it didn't really fit, but this is one of those cases where you got to let a song that doesn't pertain to the movie's plot slide. Anyway, it's refreshing to have a film of this era have a non-commonly used style of music.
* The acting of Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson
* The brief moments with traditional hand-drawn animation
* How the prisoners became friends with Paddington
* How Paddington changed prison
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 2
Roo-iant Read-Along
Next summarized spoof is a weird idea I had since 2011, one that's a tribute to the only Vanguard Animation Studios film I currently like and consider a guilty pleasure: Valiant. This version would have had more animals than just birds.
This is the cast:
Valiant - Roo (Winnie the Pooh; as a real teenage Joey; it was originally going to be Piglet as a real pig, because both he and Valiant are small, but I realized Roo would fit better because he'd actually want to prove himself to be more than a little guy, and that includes wanting to go to war)
Bugsy - Winnie the Pooh (as a real bear)
Lofty Thaddeus Worthington Pigeon - Master Crane (Kung Fu Panda (original choice: Zazu from The Lion King))
Tailfeather - Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes (original choice: Shackleford from Clifford's Really Big Movie))
Toughwood - Donald Duck (Disney (original choice: Timon from The Lion King, because of how Shackleford and Timon kind of resemble each other, kind of))
General Von Talon - Dragon (S
:icontoonfanjoey:ToonFanJoey 1 1


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Joey Yaroch
United States
The queen of soul has passed away today after a long period of time of battling diabetes. We'll always remember and 'Respect' her.


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