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When someone draws your OC's
Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz 
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Me when jelly jamm returned Bensonclapplz by TooneGeminiElf
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When someone gets terribly hurt:

Friends: Homerhide-plz 

Me: Bensonclapplz 
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Always me and my best buds
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My reaction to the 5th season of Samurai Jack premiere the 11th march on Adult Swim.
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me at the end of every Inanimate Insanity episode

Me: can't wait for the next episode
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Me when that cyberbully that I wrote 1000000000000 journals on was banned:
wait why isn't this emoticon showing up?
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I'm clapping because I could care less!
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When my class mates get A in English class: Kermit McIcon   MOMMA BE SO PROUD!!

Me when i get A in English class: 
Bensonclapplz  yay good for meh.
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Me after seeing "Cupcakes" Bensonclapplz 

My Friends: Scared Fluttershy 
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When you get dragged into a show by your mom which is terrible and it ends 

Mom: How was it sweetie, its great, ISN'T IT? Frollo grin 

You: Very good mom... Bensonclapplz 
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When a hacker gets banned Bensonclapplz 
When another hacker is warned about Cannotevenplz 
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when a ship I like happens Bensonclapplz 
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wine i'm happy about a anime ending (that's rare of me)Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz 
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when I see gory anime:Bensonclapplz by TooneGeminiElf
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Me When Homework is canceled for the rest of the year or when teacher forgets to pass it out: Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz  When Teacher forgets homework and i tellChainsword emoticon murder Miss Murderer Emoticon curb stomp FNAF Killer Fan Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) :uzi: -update- Run Away 
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Me when i see my siblings get in trouble Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz Bensonclapplz 
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thats mean! Sad Cutecookies Mascot  siblings---Sad Freddy is Sad (Chat Icon) Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon STITCH LLORA 
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admnekjfgnsrjgnsrjhndtrkhmt :iconbensonclapplz:
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