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Daedryn the Dragon Knight (reference sheet)

Name: Daedryn
Age: Unknown
Height: 10 feet, 6 inches (325 cm)
Weight: 226 lbs.
Wingspan: 12 feet (365 cm)
Tail Length: 7 feet
Species: Draconian (Anthropomorphic Dragon)

Originally born as a human, he was an incredibly loyal and noble knight that fought for the king and his court for years, considered by many as one of the best, maybe even the greatest knights to ever serve in the kingdom. However, his life changed when his form was changed into what it is now, after being captured and experimented on by a villainous wizard, the trust and love from the people and even the ones who he served completely vanished. With the bad reputation that dragons receive from most races (often considered a symbol of evil, death and destruction), he was forced to live his life as an outcast and mercenary beyond the borders of the kingdom as a means of survival. He was even forced to change his name to Daedryn (his real name is no longer known) shortly after his transformation.

Despite this, Daedryn’s new form does have its advantages: His magical power, strength, and dexterity have grown considerably high. His lifespan has extended to over a thousand years (as dragons in his world live incredibly long lives) and of course he can fly throughout the known world anytime he desires. Despite losing trust with his fellow people, he has managed to make some friends outside of the kingdom, allowing him to be outfit with the current armor set and weaponry presented. Since then, for several decades, Daedryn has still maintained his nobility and chivalry, protecting innocent lives whenever possible, and perhaps on occasion, attempting to track down the one who transformed him.


And here he is! My first new character that isn't my main sona X3

To be honest, the concept for this guy has been floating in my mind for years. I'm even thinking of writing an actual story about him at some point. However, I'm not going to be using him for macro shenanigans, despite him being rather tall (due to his transformation, he was originally much shorter than a human). I might play with a few silly ideas from time to time, but nothing that will be canon for him. in the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy!

Big thanks to Blockman3 from FA for doing an awesome job on the ref sheet, go check him out if you haven't yet:…

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