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Look Over Your Shoulder
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Where did all my old friends go?
One flew East, one flew West--
No, wait
That ain't right.
One went North
She rattled forth
She went up the river
Shake it and shiver
She's bigger than house (in her head)
Bigger than her problems
We keep in contact, but where'd she ferry to?
One dripped South
So I kicked her out
Two wrongs canceled out
What two's all about
But pretty as a picture (if the picture's ugly)
A crippled ego trip
Y'know I see her 'round, in Inviso-Land.
One got left behind
He was wastin' my time
He called me little Rock 'n' Roller
But I misread the meaning
Miss Red
Mold you into whatever you'll be
Be what I need you to be.
I got new friends now
With follies and quirks (like mine)
But that don't mean it--
Well, I dunno.
But don't get any ideas.
So I flew East
Turned back for West
And tripped right over the cuckoo's nest.
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 7
Little Billy Bibbit by Tooncouplefanatic Little Billy Bibbit :icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 1 4
Jimmy's Pills
With whom do you share
Your shiny blue pills?
Don't give them away
They help you hold still
Without your blue pill
You surely will die
Your hair will fall out
You'll lose both your eyes
The illness will seize
Your wilted old shell
Your body will shake
You'll ring like a bell
You don't like to take
Your shiny blue pills
You gave them to Bruce
To help him hold still
But Bruce also has
His own pretty pills
His swallow them all
Down his neck, they spill
It's only because
He don't wanna shake
A deal, you made
You don't wanna take
So now he takes twos
And thus you take none
So everyone wins
Oh, ain't it such fun?
But he'll overdose
If he takes too much
And you'll pass away
You don't take enough
So Jimmy, please take
Your shiny blue pills
For both you and Bruce
Or else you'll be killed
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
A Broken Friendship
Oh, she rolls like
Diamond back snake
But much too passive
In her aggression
Hold her teeth like
Bottle broken glass
Her pores are mountains
Mind like a molehill
When she twisted the blade
It felt like thunder
Every lapse
A fingernail scorch feeling in my ribcage
And every time
I though of her from then on
Bone fibers loose
Jagged, unbraided
And she told me myself
She's a liar
And from then on everything was suspect
Nothing goes unbastardized
No stone left unturned
And dizzy, stupid
Letting me wallow alone when baby's out to play
She thinks I'd listen to reason after
The knife went bitter
And the pills turned sharp and cold.
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
Oh, My Aching Gut
I woke up in the morn' with a black knot
Coiled behind my navel, tight as a fist
I was tied up tight so I couldn't talk
I heard that old song, and I got the gist
But I never understood it much clearer
To finally find it, I wound to this
My stomach bitched, but I couldn't hear her
She rolled up and curled and refused to move
Now I will pay for ignoring the curr
I once listened to a song called 'Gut Bomb'
And they said shoot him, shoot him 'fore he runs
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
A Tribute to Billy the Club
The child once curled up soft in your arms
You have cast away, to sob quiet, alone
What kind of mother sets their son to face harm?
He's gone! He's dead! And he was just barely grown!
His only friend tried, but he wasn't avenged
Dysphoric and twisted, a shame to the bone
His sagging curled hair hangs limp and it bends
Words cracking, words jumping, behind grinning teeth
Pouted lip, slipped verse, all crooked minds shall mend
His fingers found the glass many times, I've seen
Still his eyes can shine, in a dull sort of way
But so fidgety, so mousey, nerves so keen
Although he is gone, the night still falls to day    
Life in the ever growing ward will go on
Little Billy has died, there's no more to say
But others shall follow him, not far behind
Some may go back, they've been gone a long time
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 2 3
By The Street Lamp Lights
Goodnight pleasantries
I wished their evenings happy
With a rare, fond hug
You'd seen me before
Scampering through, I had dashed
And weaved my arms so
I was elated
Even fools can't bring me down!
Or they couldn't-- then
Again, I send love
But if I only knew how
Maybe I'd not cried
I released my doubts
Into the sweet nighttime air
But you still listened
I feel deeply, I--
I just can't bare to show it
Not romance, but love
The difference is clear
But I cannot show either
Although I know which
You nodded, I know
Though I barely let you speak
You didn't mind much
I finally told
Of the dying scar tissue
Of the smokey dreams
You smiled a bit
But not with your mouth, not quite
You understood all
I've always wanted
A guardian angel girl
To claim for my own
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 4
Hold By Me Theater
Hold by the red lights which shine so sharp, yet dim
Hold by the slick girls masquerading as men
Hold by the manic blues to hold the eyes in
Hold by the sick shine, but bound to come again
Hold by the industrial clicks which brace sin
Hold by the sullen figure murking his den
Now hold by me cousin, in lies that hold true
For if you hold by me, I shall hold by you
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
Sterling In Black
By sterling in black
A turn of the track
End nigh;
The audience cracks
Applause shall attack
I slipped in the back
I bore you no plaque
But pride.
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
Mayhem at The Fingertips
Sharp things rolling down across my teeth
If it slipped
It clipped
I wince at the thought.
Jagged little terrors grasp at my spine
Reddened eyes
Flick, flick
Metal corner caught in my fingertips
Like mesh on a zipper
Split and lacerated
Free flying
Raining down in cinnabar
Powdered pepper
Grit my glass against my gums
Wreck the fingers slice the thumbs
But don't
It just gets in my head
It just sticks in my head
But them dices is loaded
Those dice don't play fair.
Bounce bounce
They tinker-tack
Leaving little migraine bulls eyes  
On every which bit of the dome
Pouring out later
In cinnabar rain
On the roof's shingles
At a little New England farmhouse.
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 2
Some of The Rocks by Tooncouplefanatic Some of The Rocks :icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0 I Am A Man by Tooncouplefanatic I Am A Man :icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 3 6
The Purple Zilch Tree
Among the trees
He is a boy
The flowers fold
monkeys pass
Leaves recoil
The vines whip by
They yield fruits
He is a boy
But tangled up in--
He is a boy with copper skin
Divided by the sounds
Not the wheels on a car
Everybody says
Everybody says
In his sainthood
Tangled up in earthly pleasures
Everybody says--
Gorgeous tree baring seedless fruit
But it's ravaged by the insects
In the mug where they fly
Yes, the fruits are all ravaged
With no defenses by to hide
But the weary purple leaves
Shuttering with dew
In the early morning fold
When the melting sun's anew.  
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 0 0
I'm just about
Just about
Ready to explode
I feel it in my neck
Gunpowder in my belly
Down to something else
Something else.
It's all inside me
Buzzing 'round me
Swimming through me
Hug my toesies
But I never never never
No I never ever ever
Can you take it back forever?
Get it out.
I'll do anything to save--
If there's a God: "Take it away!"
Not a doctor
Not a lawyer
Not a parent here can save.
Not a God--
What God?
There's not a God here who can save;
There's a little girl inside me
Hiding in my brain
And she cleans away the thoughts
That pool up.
That pool up.
But she's not much of a maid
As you can plainly see
No, she's not much of a maid
She left a mess for me
Now I can't clean it all
It's been stacking for too long
No I can't clean it all
No I can't clean it--
No I can't clean--
No I can't--
No I--
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 1 3
Oh baby, baby
Thin eyes wrenching
curls bopping
lips a-twitching
Hold out your hand
You're squinting
Is that the sun
Or a traffic light?

In a fit
By the bridge
On a roadside
When the sidewalk and the cars
Meld together in the street
When the gravel meets
A worn moccasin beats--
And they go
And they go
And they stop
They stop
Watch the cars
Swerve and Rock
As not to hit
The injured hawk
But all they see's
The curly top
The curly top
Get out of the way!
The people say
But the animal tan
(Or is he a man?)
He won't go
Won't go
When the water comes a-tricklin'
From your driest of eyes
The water pops
The planets drop
The cities stop
The wheels lock.
:icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 1 4
Punkees: Peter by Tooncouplefanatic Punkees: Peter :icontooncouplefanatic:Tooncouplefanatic 2 0
I really need a scanner.
All my drawings are here courtesy of my crappy digital camera, which I got for Christmas in the sixth grade.
I can't believe it still works.

I swear, my art looks much better in person.

I got a scanner. Now I have no excuses.


Goth Kids Sketch Dump by PleadingTheFilth Goth Kids Sketch Dump :iconpleadingthefilth:PleadingTheFilth 13 0 Happy Mudder's Day by VampireMeerkat Happy Mudder's Day :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 532 43 Lackadaisy Sangfroid by tracyjb Lackadaisy Sangfroid :icontracyjb:tracyjb 9,952 916 Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) by lilsuika Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 12,714 628 Davy Jones by muswellhillbillyboy Davy Jones :iconmuswellhillbillyboy:muswellhillbillyboy 20 5 ID by rawnnie ID :iconrawnnie:rawnnie 9 18 Bloom County dress up by GraphicBrat Bloom County dress up :icongraphicbrat:GraphicBrat 42 27 Community Meme - Blank by muffinpoodle Community Meme - Blank :iconmuffinpoodle:muffinpoodle 68 31 COMMUNITY keychains by Engelen COMMUNITY keychains :iconengelen:Engelen 643 76 Edd's mother is trollmaster by VampireMeerkat Edd's mother is trollmaster :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 777 191 Kill All Nerds by DVan7 Kill All Nerds :icondvan7:DVan7 132 28 Hung like a Painting by 00seven Hung like a Painting :icon00seven:00seven 39 14 Carrying Cathy by beanhugger Carrying Cathy :iconbeanhugger:beanhugger 55 26 shit man by rawnnie shit man :iconrawnnie:rawnnie 4 6 Leechwife by Mr--Jack Leechwife :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 500 112 The Lion King 2 in a nutshell by VampireMeerkat The Lion King 2 in a nutshell :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,551 446


  • Listening to: Georgia on my Mind- Louis Armstrong
  • Reading: Cat's Cradle
  • Watching: My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic
  • Playing: with my hair
  • Eating: I eagerly await tacos
  • Drinking: saliva
So where the hell have I been, right? Pretty much nowhere. I kind of took an artistic hiatus this summer (for which I kick myself repeatedly), but I haven't really been on DeviantART since I found Tumblr. I'm sort of back with the arts thing though (but less with the DeviantART thing) and I figure I aughta unload a few of my goodies on here sometime. I have some poems, some concept art, and a few short stories under weigh. It'll be good.
I feel like I have more to say though. It's just random personal stuff that really isn't important, like good books I've read, or new people I've met, or personal issues that reign supreme over my consciousness and overall well-being... or my cat's fur. God, he's fluffy.


:iconhorrorhumour: :iconriot-grrrls: :iconvisual-audities: :iconanything-traditional:


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Happy birthday, Gwen <33
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