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I will be at the Salt Lake Comic Con September 4-6, 2014. My Artist Alley Booth is Black 16. I'll have small, medium and large prints of over 30 different designs, as well as the artist edition of my comic collection, Crazy Like a Fox: A Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai Collection. In addition, I'll be doing a limited number of commissions and offering an Exclusive, Signed and Numbered Print featuring a mashup of My Little Pony and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Stock on some of the items is extremely limited. To make things a bit easier, I'm offering pre-orders for several items. That means you'll pay for them in advance and I'll have them set aside and waiting for you at the convention. If you're interested, just follow the links below to choose your option, and mention in the note the name of the person who will be picking the item up from my booth. Hope to see a bunch of you there!

Poison Ivy Sketch by toonbaboon
Original Commissioned Art (You can choose the characters/media):…

My Little Slayer - Vampires are Magic by toonbaboon
MLP/Buffy Mashup Print (Signed and Numbered Edition of 50):…

BTVS: Have a Little Faith Final Color by toonbaboon
BTVS: Faith Mini-Print…

It's a Krang Thang by toonbaboon
TMNT: It's a Krang Thang! Mini-Print…

My Buddy the Superhero

Sat Feb 2, 2013, 8:04 AM
One of my best friends in the entire world is my nephew, Barrett. He was born premature and had to have heart surgery when he was just a few weeks old. He and I share a special bond, especially when it comes to our mutual obsession with Mickey Mouse. Now a healthy, smart and lively six-year-old, he's taken part in a fundraiser to help kids with heart problems. I'm so thankful to have Barrett in my life and so glad we live in a world where a preemie can receive life-saving heart care from qualified doctors.

In order to show my support, I'm offering the following deal for the weekend.  Anyone who donates $25 to his cause will get a free, full page character sketch of a superhero of their choice mailed to them at the end of February.

1.  Make the donation through this… through February 5th.
2.  Leave me a private note here letting me know your info and which superhero you want.  It can even be your own original character or you as a superhero.  
3.  Non U.S. residents will not receive a sketch by mail (unless they want to pay the extra postage), but I will color the sketch and send a print ready file to you via email.

Thanks again!  Talk to you soon!


Whew!  It's been an absolutely hectic winter for the ToonBaboon.  I don't have a lot of time, so let's get down to business...

They've just announced the game I've been working on for the last two years... Disney Infinity!  I'm the story lead for the Monsters University playset, and I can assure you that this game is going to be nothing short of an absolute blast!  If you haven't had a chance to see the previews, I urge you to take a look.  Even you non-gamers out there will be tempted by this offering.

DIsney Infinity Announce Trailer:…

In other news, the list I keep of what commissions and requests are finished got messed up and they're all reading as finished.  So, if you are waiting for me to deliver on something, please accept my sincere apologies and send me an email at adrianropp (at) gmail (.com) and tell me you haven't received your work yet.  I will send it out to you as quick as can be and give you a credit for 1 free character sketch for my spring commission round.  

Thanks for your continued support and friendship.  Once the crazy hours finishing up Disney Infinity are over, I'm looking forward to showing you a bunch of new stuff!

And, since I haven't said it yet, Happy 2013!


Thanks and an Update!

Tue Oct 23, 2012, 12:52 PM
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, gave me a llama, stopped by or otherwise made my day brighter.  The only reason I'm  on DA is to have a great time with some like-minded people, and you've really made me feel right at home.  

In the coming days you'll see some new art and a couple of announcements about things I'm developing, some of which will explain my very thin activity here.

Thanks again, everyone!


Contest Winners and Updates

Wed Aug 29, 2012, 11:21 PM
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest through donations, commissions, and participation.  The winners of a one character color commission are:


Send me a private note and let me know the details of what you'd like in your commission.  Congrats!

In other news, I am closing commissions.  If you'd like something, feel free to send me a note and I'll let you know when they open up again.  I'm most likely only going to do ten more commissions this year in October.  

Thanks as always to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment of "favorites" a drawing.


It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer

Sun Aug 5, 2012, 11:20 PM
Wow!  Work has been absolutely crazy this summer!  I thought I'd have a little more free time for fun and relaxation, but deadlines shifted and I've found myself behind the eight ball.  I'm not complaining too much, though.  Extra work means more time doing what I love.  (This is what I remind myself when things get a little hairy.)

Anyway, thanks for all the entries you've been earning in the request giveaway.  We've got about 10 days left and I'm done with all the commissions on my plate.  So, if you're thinking about ordering a commission, this is a perfect week to do so!  I'm running a special AND you'll learn entries in the request lottery.  Here's the "deets":

I'm running a summer special on commissions.  Until August 15th, 2012, color commissions will be discounted by $5.  

Win a free, one character color commission.  On August 15th, 2012, I will randomly select two entries to receive a commission.  Entries can be earned in the following ways:

Pen and Ink Commission - 3 entries
Color Commission - 10 Entries
Donate 100 Points for My Premium Membership - 1 entry
"Favoriting" All of My Art That Contain Cats - 1 entry

CLUE:  Those who show their love of Dungeons and Dragons in my gallery will not be disappointed.

Happy devianting!

*I reserve the right to refuse any commission topic that violates my personal code of conduct or is a conflict of interest.

How Did June Get Here So Fast?!!!

Tue Jun 12, 2012, 5:19 PM
Phew!  It's been a busy year!  I have not posted nearly enough fan art!  However, I do have to thank each and every one of you who've stopped by, "faved" a piece of art, or left a kind message.  These interactions are what keeps me posting.

What's new... hmmm...  

Well, I can officially announce that I'm a "brony".  If you don't know what that is, I'm not tellin' ya.  (But I'm really itching to get some MLP commissions!)  What a well written, well designed show.  My kudos to the creative team.

I'm sure a lot of you are as excited as I am to see Brave.  Since my division of Disney didn't make the video game, I will be able to watch it fairly unspoiled, save for a few inexcusable toy packaging reveals.  Seriously, don't look at the toys!  I'm sure June 23 will be the kick-off day for my first Brave fan art entry.  

The results of the last poll are in, and it looks like I'm going to be doing an Aladdin fan art post!  Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, and there'll probably be a new poll ready for your perusal as you read this.

I'm running a summer special on commissions.  Until August 15th, 2012, color commissions will be discounted by $5.  After looking at the time I spend per commission, I may have to raise the prices slightly after the sale.  So, if you've been waiting to buy one, this is probably the best time to do so!

Now, it's time to announce the next Request Lottery!  Here's the "deets", as you young folks say:

Win a free, one character color commission.  On August 15th, 2012, I will randomly select two entries to receive a commission.  Entries can be earned in the following ways:

Pen and Ink Commission - 3 entries
Color Commission - 10 Entries
Donate 100 Points for My Premium Membership - 1 entry
"Favoriting" All of My Art That Contain Cats - 1 entry

There will also be journal posts with clues to secret hidden entry opportunities, so you may want to make sure you're reading my journal entries often.

I guess that's about it.  I hope you're all having a great summer and I'll be back soon!  

Happy devianting!

*I reserve the right to refuse any commission topic that violates my personal code of conduct or is a conflict of interest.

Happy February!

Wed Feb 1, 2012, 12:47 PM
Hey, everyone!  I know it's been a bit since I last posted some new content, but I thought I'd take a few moments to check in and give you some updates.

I'm currently taking commissions, but no free requests right now.  Once I get more activity on my page, I'll probably start doing that again.  If you have a question about commissioning me to draw something, just send me a note and I'll get back to you.

I saw Beauty and the Beast 3D last week.  The original is my favorite movie of all time, so I was a little apprehensive about seeing it in the third dimension.  I have to say, however, the team that did the conversion did an excellent job.  I still got choked up at the end, even after what I've estimated to be about my fiftieth viewing of the film.

Based on the poll that I've had up for a few months now, I'm going to be doing a fan art piece from Treasure Planet.  Check out my new poll for a chance to influence my next fan art drawing.

Happy surfin'!


Back in the Saddle

Tue Nov 15, 2011, 11:33 PM
Back from vacation, ready to get back in front of the ol' sketchpad.  To those who are waiting for commissions or requests, rest assured they'll be coming along this week.  I do have a short business trip on Thursday, but otherwise should be around to answer questions and check out all the great art on DA.

News and Assorted Stuff

Thu Nov 3, 2011, 3:31 AM
I'm still working away at the request winners for October.  Unfortunately, (or very fortunately, if you view it from my angle) I will be at Disneyland for the next few days.  So the finished results will have to wait just a bit longer.  I really needed a break.  If any of my watchers plan on being in the park in the next week or so, send me a note!  Maybe we can meet up and say howdy!


October Request Raffle Results!

Sun Oct 23, 2011, 6:41 PM
Thanks to everyone who put in the effort to earn entries in the raffle.  Based on the amount of entries I received, I'll definitely be doing this again. So, the way I handled the drawing was to assign a number to every entry.  The first 161 numbers went to my watchers in the order they began watching me.  The remaining numbers were assigned to additional entries in the order they were earned.  Then I used a random number generator to pick a number three times.  I was very pleased to discover that all the winners had contributed more than one entry, so it seems it was a fair process.  And the winners are...

1.  shottsy85
2.  MrBig2
3.  LupineAssassin

Congrats!  You've each earned a simple one-character color request.  (Of course, I reserve the right to reject requests I find objectionable.)  Just send me a note with your request details and I'll put them on my schedule.

To those who didn't win, don't give up!  Next time around, those who have won before will not be eligible.  And if you just can't wait, you can always commission me.  Details here:

And finally, thank you for all the birthday wishes.  You made my day!


One More Day to Go!

Fri Oct 21, 2011, 4:18 PM
This is your one-day warning!  All entries for the October Request Raffle will be tabulated on Oct. 24th.  And, I'm pleased to announce that I've received more the 300 entries, so I've added a third Color Character Request to the prizes!

Thank you for all your nice messages, donations, favorites, and general happy attitudes!  It's made this week much more enjoyable.

Need to know how to enter?  Click here:…



Wed Oct 19, 2011, 10:39 PM
Three days left in the Request Raffle Contest, and we're already at 225 entries!  In addition, ~Gec05 has very generously gifted me a three month premium membership!  (Thank you so much, that was such a wonderful surprise to come home to tonight.  It'll be well utilized, I promise you.)

I'm in such a good mood, I've decided to extend this offer:  If we make it to 300 entries by October 22nd, I will add a third request to the drawing.

Have a great day, and thanks for the support!


Once again, thank you to everyone who was appreciative and patient about the free requests last month.  I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring these and getting to know other DA members better.  Unfortunately, there are some people (in the minority, to be fair) who think I don't have anything to do except free artwork.  Ugh...  I really don't want a few inconsiderate people to ruin it for everyone else.

So, here's what I want to try for October:  I'm going to do two requests this month, but they will be more detailed than past reqests.  Through October 22 (which is my birthday), you can earn entries into the drawing I will hold on October 23.  You can earn entries in the following ways:

1.  Leave a comment on this journal entry (1 entry only).
2.  5 point donation (1 entry each, unlimited times).
3.  Purchase any commission (20 entries).
4.  Add one of my "Halloweenies" drawings as a favorite (1 entry each).
5.  Past Bonus entries (5 for every past commission purchased, already calculated.)
6.  Watch my gallery (1 entry per member)
7.  Surprise bonus entries (given randomly for anyone who makes my experience on DA particularly enjoyable.  This can be a great comment, art, or act of awesomeness.  You'll receive a note from me if you earn one of these.)

All the entries will be calculated and I will draw two winners on October 23rd.  Each winner will receive a full color illustration request.

Hope you have fun with this!

Greetings, fellow deviants!

Well, I've finally finished all the September requests.  Thank you to everyone who appreciated the free art offers and were patient while I got through them.  (And the point donations are always much appreciated!) If you'd like to view them, here's the links:

September 2011 Free Art Requests:
1. ~r3nka - Tigger -
2. ~tellywebtoons - Aladdin Dancing Girl -
3. ~Impano - Timon and Mya -
4. ~larissakirov - Anubis -
5. ~bluejr - Double D.W. -
6. ~beavergirl - Dory and Marlin -
7. ~LupineAssassin - Stax -

I'm not sure if I'm going to be a glutton for punishment and do free requests again this month, but I won't be doing seven again.  That was too much for my schedule.  Just watch this journal for an announcement.  HINT:  It will probably happen in the next 24 hours.  :)

Commissions are open.  Through October 31, I'm offering single character pen and ink drawings for $15 or an 800 point donation.  Other art types are available, just let me know what you're looking for.

If you haven't seen my webcomic or the podcast interview I just did about it, here's the links:

Podcast Interview: [link]
My Web Comic: [link]

Thanks as always for the great comments and support.


P.S. Kitten Update:  Lucky's doing well!  He's started to gain weight and is acclimating to life in our family.  Thanks to everyone who's asked about him!
Greetings, fellow deviants!

I've cleared the commissions off my plate, but September's requests are still in progress.  (Slowly, but surely.)  I got slammed with a couple of projects and a very active kitten who needs a lot of love, so it's taking me a bit longer than usual to clear these requests.   It is likely I'll be able to finish these by Saturday.  

Request Status:
1. ~r3nka - Tigger or Roo - Color in Progress
2. ~tellywebtoons - Aladdin Themed Wonderment - Pencils in Progress
3. ~Impano - Meerkat Madness - Pencils in Progress
4. ~larissakirov - Anubis - Posted!
5. ~bluejr - D.W. dressed as Darkwing Duck
6. ~beavergirl - Dory and Marlin - Inks in Progress
7. ~LupineAssassin - Stax

In other news, have you seen my "Halloweenies" line of characters?… available as cut-out standees for free on my website, if that sort of thing interests you.  There's sixteen in all, and I usually add some every year.  I've also made a lot of merchandise with them for my zazzle shop.  (Including my favorite:  Trick or Treat Bags!)

Free Printables:…
Zazzle Halloween Stuff:*/gif…

In other, other news, I recently did a podcast interview with Comics Coast to Coast for my webcomic, Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai.  It's now been posted, so here's skinny on that.

Podcast Interview:…
My Web Comic:

Thank you for your wonderful comments, support, and suggestions.  It sure makes this a fun place to be!

Many of you have asked, so here's a picture of our rescue kitten.  We've named him Lucky for obvious reasons.

Since he's an unforeseen and expensive little household addition, he needs a lot of doctor visits and shots right now.  If you are willing to contribute to his rescue, we've set up a paypal donation site here:…

Even $1 helps, and it will all go 100% toward Lucky's health and well being.

Have a great day!

Due to some personal issues, namely finding a four-week-old abandoned kitten in our garage that we're nursing back to health, I'm going very slow on requests right now.  If your name's on the list, don't worry...  I haven't forgotten you!  Also, thank you to everyone who ordered a commission in September.  It turns out you've contributed to the care of a defenseless critter, so pat yourselves on the back!

While I have your attention, here's some October news:    During the entire month of October, color commissions with a Halloween theme are $5 off.

One last question...  Are any of you interested in owning the original pencil and/or pen and ink art from my gallery?  I'm considering selling them in my etsy shop, but I want to get a bead on how much interest there is currently before I go to the trouble of posting them.  Your thoughts?

Have a great week, and check back tomorrow for some nifty Halloween printables!

That didn't take very long, did it?  Sorry if you didn't make it in time, but watch me in the future for another chance.  I'll always send a message out when they're open again.

I've also added a "Donate" widget on my page.  If you'd like to show your appreciation for requests, you can donate points toward my premium membership.  No set amount, it's just there for those who may want to
Get 'em while they're hot!