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Hello All

I figured I'd post an update since I haven't in forever.

I am on my fourth semester at Shippensburg University for Management Information Systems.  It's been alright, but I've been very busy.  I received a beautiful new cherry floor loom for Christmas last year and I have only been able to finish one scarf on it.  I gave it to my grandmother this Christmas and didn't think to take pictures of it, so sorry about that.  I have gotten some drawing done.  Mostly it's for my new hobby, DnD.  I've been having so much fun designing new characters.  Merel is my first and my favorite, but since then I've made so many more.

Anyway.  I'll try to start posting more art on here.  

Enjoy the snow and stay warm everyone~

No, seriously.  I just haven't updated in FOREVER.

Yesterday was my first day of College at Shippensburg.  It's pretty nice here.  The dorms are okay, and my roommate is a high school friend, so I think I can get used to this.
So, since I'll probably have more free time (yeah, right, no) I've decided to actually update this thing.  CRAZY, RIGHT?  I'm thinking maybe... once every two weeks I'll try to post something.  Even if is an old sketch from last year, half done poem, or even just an idea. 

I just don't like posting things... I guess it's the idea of people looking at my art and stuff... but it's something I need to get over.  And setting a goal like this will help me get over it.

That's all for today.  Feel free to leave a comment... or not.  Cx

This weekend has been so relaxing~ I love three day weekends

Yesterday our fleece to shawl team did a demonstration and we got our shawl done only a few minutes after the three hour mark. It was good practice. We had tons of fun, though I am secretly worried that we'll not finish on time at farm show. But don't tell my team I said so! As the weaver, I'm not allowed to freak out. I feel like that is some sort of strange rule that everyone follows, but never thinks about.

Today was a nice day too. There are brown crinkly leaves all over the sidewalk to the barn and the temperature is pretty warm for fall.  I had some apple cider and blueberry muffins for breakfast, and spent the day cooking lemon bread and taking pictures of my scarves. I'll try to remember to post them slowly throughout the week.

I hope your weekend has been as nice as mine.
Our scanner is working again. It just needed some adjustments. I guess today isn't as bad as I thought it was.
This is the end of my first week of school. I dislike my art class. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It focuses more on drawing things exactly as you see them rather then drawing things based on inspiration. "draw this vase. five times. five different ways." rather than "draw something that includes something made out of glass. be creative." Ah well. I should have known better. What I was expecting wouldn't really be a true art class. At least I'll learn how to draw more realistically.

Perhaps it shall get better as the year goes on, but I'm not going to count on it.
At least the watercolors shall be fun. C:

Anyway, that is all the ranting I have for today. I feel better already.
Well. Our scanner's dead.
I had suspected that it wasn't going to work, because our computer has been recovering after being resurrected from a big crash (seriously- it wouldn't turn on or anything). But I was distracted working on stuff I had already scanned in. I tried everything I could think of to get it working again, but the computer just doesn't register it. So I suppose I won't be posting any newly drawn art for a while. I guess this will force me to finish all of the old stuff I have already scanned. :C sadness! I had some stuff I really wanted to work on. And I'm taking an art class this year. I was hoping I could get it working for that.
oh well.
Hello! I'm Jen. I'm new to deviantart and am still getting settled in. I don't have much art in my gallery, but I am still working on uploading it all. Please don't be afraid to send me a message! I love to chat and am online often.
Thank you for looking at my art. C: