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Keyboards lose to Singularity by toomuchcanvas Keyboards lose to Singularity by toomuchcanvas
This is based off of a conversation between me and ~kuntzkl
I said something about how our keyboards have an evil plot to kill us all and he mentioned that they couldn't kill us if we lived until something he called the 'singularity' which, when asked, he described as "the supposed point when man will be able to put his conscience into a machine, thereby achieving immortality."
and that with his luck he would be a calculator.

I think being an intelligent calculator would be tons of fun, as long as you could type words on your screen and not just numbers. I would have tons of fun chatting with the students.
A speaker would be fun too. You could make ghost noises or blast music or make a moment very awkward with the wrong choice of music.
Or how about a cell phone? You could call people and leave creepy messages.

If you could be a form of intelligent technology, what would you be? Any ideas? Besides a computer. Computers are too complicated to be inhabited.

Anyway. This is just a sketch that I've darkened the lettering on. I'll probably replace it with a lineart version later.
sorry about the massive amounts of text C:
kuntzkl Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011
haha! my square root of nine line is on DA!!
toomuchcanvas Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011   General Artist
Yeah, yours was easier to write C:
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