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Colours O' Mine #5 by toomanyfandoms333 Colours O' Mine #5 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 10 0 Colours O' Mine #4 by toomanyfandoms333 Colours O' Mine #4 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 1 0 Colours O' Mine #3 by toomanyfandoms333 Colours O' Mine #3 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 5 0 Colours O' Mine #2 by toomanyfandoms333 Colours O' Mine #2 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 5 0 Colours o' mine by toomanyfandoms333 Colours o' mine :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 7 0 For the boss of bosses by toomanyfandoms333 For the boss of bosses :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 3 9
Blank page,
Are what I see,
Through my eyes,
All beneath me.
But wait,
What is this?
Could it truly be?
This thing I hold,
A think made,
Of plain old wood.
Simply made but not just,
Simply used.
There are many,
That may use this thing,
This pencil,
For things so simple.
Perhaps a note,
Or a number,
Maybe a name too.
But can you not see?
There are those,
Those so few,
So few today,
That use this tool,
Just as me.
Can you not see?
But for things,
Far greater,
Then a simple poem,
From a simple girl.
Tis true.
Books and novels.
There are the small ones,
Maybe 100 pages,
Maybe 2.
But hard to forget,
The larger ones,
Ones that have,
An uncountable number,
In words,
Thousands in pages,
Hundreds of chapters.
But never forget,
All those pictures,
That took so long.
Some are such,
Simple little things,
But far from simple,
Are they.
So far,
The make you,
Feel the need,
To look again and again.
But the others,
So big,
They're larger than,
The average man!
Big and small,
Yet they still have,
All t
:icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 4 5
All the long night,
  That inky black,
Is at my back,
  It calls out,
Just listen,
  And you will hear.
I try and resist,
  But i can see,
The love you hide,
  In your eyes
And from this i know,
 You will forever be,
My life
:icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 2 2
An awesome title by toomanyfandoms333 An awesome title :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 0 0 A cool Title ~ part 2 by toomanyfandoms333 A cool Title ~ part 2 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 1 0 A cool Title by toomanyfandoms333 A cool Title :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 2 0 Another cool title by toomanyfandoms333 Another cool title :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 2 0 Some really cool title by toomanyfandoms333 Some really cool title :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 2 5 Apple's to apples 3 by toomanyfandoms333 Apple's to apples 3 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 0 0 Apple's to apples 2 by toomanyfandoms333 Apple's to apples 2 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 0 0 Apples to apples 1 by toomanyfandoms333 Apples to apples 1 :icontoomanyfandoms333:toomanyfandoms333 0 0


My Sunshine [ Clint Barton x Injured!Reader ]
The mission wasn't supposed to go this way. It was supposed to go smoothly. Clinton Barton and Natasha Romanoff were supposed to go in, retrieve the serum, and leave under the cover of darkness while Wanda Maximoff and [Y/N] [L/N] were supposed to hold off the soldiers. It was supposed to work out the way Fury had set it up. It had seemed so simple.
Yet it went so wrong..
It started going downhill when Barton and Romanoff first got in. 
[y/n] was positioned under the shady cover of the forest setting of the mission spot. The building was hidden not too far away from her current location. She was currently getting the input of Barton.
“What do you mean there are low guards, Barton?” [Y/N] [L/N] whispered into her walkie talkie, frustrated.
“Like I said, [N/N]; it's like all the guards are very low in numbers.. Give it your best.. Just–” Clint's voice paused, causing a nagging concern to flicker in [Y/N]'s heart. Her stomach had nervous butterflies fl
:iconwerwer101:Werwer101 20 20
Sorry (Tenth Doctor X Reader)
Author's Note: This probably won't make a lot of sense if you haven't seen the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace"
You stared in shock at the gaping hole in the wall, the one that the Doctor just jumped through.
All for her.
He left, to save her. Didn’t even look back as he rode through the glass, shattering his link to the ship. He had no way of getting back to you now. And he didn’t say goodbye, he didn’t do anything.
All for his dear Reinette. He just met her, and yet she was already more important than you.
You knew the Doctor wasn’t yours, you knew he never would be, but he just left you so easily. You thought you meant more to him than that, but apparently not.
You heart had shattered like the mirror as the Doctor disappeared through it, the wall closing up behind him. You sunk to the ground, clutching your knees to your chest as the tears started falling.
The Doctor bolted into the ship, looking around for you. He beamed happily; he w
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 521 151
That's What She Said by TwilightandFOB That's What She Said :icontwilightandfob:TwilightandFOB 20 9
How Dare you! Kaiba x reader.
The first time you met Seto Kaiba his impression was bad. You were in a hurry and running to class you were going to be late! When you ran into a wall. You fell to the ground all of your books and items crashing to the ground around you. He looked down at you with utter contempt.
                “humph, get out of the way.” He didn’t say anything else, he didn’t need to. you were already seething as he walked away. You ran after him, there was no way he was going to get away with treating you like that! You got into front of him glaring into his eyes.
                “who the hell do you think you are? I don’t care if you’re some fancy CEO at your age that doesn’t give the right to treat others like that!”
:iconmokaevans-yamimoka:mokaevans-yamimoka 108 8
Seto KaibaxReader- New Assistant pt. 2
You sat quietly outside Kaiba's office as you awaited his arrival. You were so nervous that you accidentally got up too early and arrived an hour ahead of the original scheduled time. You mentally slapped yourself.
"Oh, you're so stupid ______. Now Kaiba is going to think you're a weirdo for getting here ahead of him."you scowl at yourself.
"______, you're here early.."You looked up quickly as said man, approached you. 
You flashed him a nervous smile and nodded.
"Y-yeah..sorry..I kinda woke up earlier than expected.."you mumble.
"I like workers that are always a step ahead _______. Good job."Kaiba praised.
Wait..he praised your earliness??
You stood there dumbfounded as Kaiba unlocked the door to his office.
He ushered you inside, instructed you to take a seat  in front of his desk.
He sat down at his desk in front of you and placed an aluminum briefcase atop of it.
You stared at it's glistening surface in amazement.
But what amazed you even more, was what was inside of it.
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 122 67
The Wings of Time (Yami x Reader x Yugi) Chpt. 4.0
Chapter 4: The Memory Never Meant to Be
You cocked your head to the side with pinched lips. The movement seemed to strike a chord in Yami and he couldn't help but think it was familiar. Words such as 'orchid lips' came to his mind, and he began to admire your face. He shook himself when he heard a loud moan come from Yugi.
"Yugi, are you alright?"
"Ow, ow, ow, the drawer's in my stomach!"
His grandfather spared little time in pulling the blocky, black register off his grandson. Yugi took a gulp of air once it was off which ended in a cough. Paper bills and coins decorated him like a player from a game show.
Spirit and Grandfather alike gathered around Yugi, you acted as though to shake off a thought from your mind and made your way around the counter, looking concerned. you stopped, however, to put a hand to your head again. You looked to Yami again, who couldn't help but meet your eye, and your expression changed.
"You?" you whispered.
"You know me?" Yami backtracked. "Wait - you can
:iconjerffes:Jerffes 57 28
The Wings of Time (Yami x Reader x Yugi) Chpt. 3
A/N: Sorry for the delay, school's been a b**ch recently. Enjoy.
Chapter 3: The First Memory
Yugi woke up to Yami's voice in his mind.
'Wake up. Slowly now, you don't want to startle her."
Startle her? He opened his eyes. At first, all he could make out was a mass of (h/c) hair, but his heart had already picked up in speed. Curled up against his chest, with your legs lying longer than his own on his bed, you slept with your small breaths making soft puffing sounds against his neck. Warm breath bounced off his collarbone into his face. It smelt of something sweet and feminine.
Yugi thought he might die.
'There's a girl in my bed, there's a girl in my bed, there's a girl in my bed!' His face felt like its own sun—and it wasn't just any girl. It was a hot, cute girl all curled up to him like a small child hoping for comfort from a bad dream. He felt the heat spread from his face to the rest of his body.
Yami's voice spoke calmly within him.
'Yugi, don't freak out.'
'There's a girl i
:iconjerffes:Jerffes 53 5
The Wings of Time (Yami x Reader x Yugi) Chpt. 2
A/N: So, I'm in a little bit of a tough position with this chapter and I can't come up with much for the rest of it. I just decided that, instead of keeping all of you waiting, I would publish what I had so far, and publish the rest of it at a later date.
Chapter 2: The Memories Left Behind, Part 1
Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corporation, billionaire entrepreneur and software genius extraordinaire was having one of those days.
“What do you mean you don’t know why the satellite system had crashed? I pay you to know all that goes in and out of the mainframe system, and you telling me that you don’t know?
The voice on the other side of his cell phone came out ready and pathetic against his ear. Mokuba huddled on the sofa in his office, fingers tapping wildly on his own laptop as he tried to reboot the network and internet himself. Outside, rain came down in torrents and a great flash of lightning forked across the city. Thunder followed it as if a giant was moving barrels i
:iconjerffes:Jerffes 50 5
The Wings of Time (Yami x Reader x Yugi) Chpt. 1
A/N: Okay, so new story it is. This probably isn’t going to be updated as often as, A White Rose Within Red, but when I finish writing it then this story will be updated on the “every two days” schedule. Enjoy. 
Chapter 1: Caught in the Dumb Rain
"I swear! There were great bloody pads all over my tent! Women are not innocent or nice at all-gods, Tristan, stop laughing!"
The young man in question just howled all the louder, rolling back onto the seat of the van Yugi's grandfather had rented for the weekend. Joey glared at the brunette besides him.
"It's not funny! I was traumatized for life! Then they started screaming in the middle of the night like their heads were being torn off and screaming about bears! No one could have being unscarred by that."
"Obviously," snorted Tristan. Behind him, Yugi smiled weakly to Tea, who sighed heavily, leaning on her hand and looking out the tinted window. Her short, brown hair hid half of her expression.
"We won't be eaten
:iconjerffes:Jerffes 90 6
Mature content
Seto Kaiba X Reader X Yami Bakura Request :iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 39 4
Yami Yugi x Reader
"No!" Yami turned his head away from you, blushing.
You sat infront of him on the couch of your apartment. He had come over to deliver your homework (you skipped school) but you and him got a bit off topic. You wrap your arms around the young pharoah's waist and rest your head on his shoulder, "Please? I promise, it's fun!"
He pulled his legs up onto the couch and bit his lip, "________, you know I'm afraid of heights. And bungee jumping has a lot to do with heights!"
"But I'll be with you the entire time!" You placed a hand on either side of his face. "It's not like the chord will break or anything!"
He began to blush even more as he removed your hands, "Geez, you're making me sound weak!"
"You're not weak!" you exclaim, punching him in the shoulder. You set your arm up in the arm wrestling position. "C'mon! Arm wrestle! Right now!"
He glanced at your hand then rolled his eyes, "I'm not arm wrestling you."
"Card game?"
"Thumb wrestling?"
"Why not?" you pout as you leaned i
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 327 120
Seto Kaiba x Reader - Chapter 6
 "Ow..... Ow..... OW!" you roared in pain as alcohol was attended to your wound.
 "Hold still!" Seto's voice growled from behind you. Whimpering, you sat still, tears bubbling in your eyes. Sure, living on the streets has toughened you up, but it doesn't mean alcohol on a bleeding wound doesn't hurt like a bitch.
 "There, it's all patched up." Seto sat back and wiped his forehead. Looking over your shoulder, you smirked.
 "It's so much work helping someone not as rich as the great and powerful Seto Kaiba, huh?" your chuckled as you stretched your wings and rolled your shoulders. After finding you all beaten up, Seto took you back to Kaiba Corp to seek your medical attention. He kept avoiding the hospital for some odd reason though. So currently, you sat on his desk as he treated your wound.
 Seto stepped around the desk and shot you a glare, "It's painful to help anyone not as rich as me."
 "Boo you," you rolled your eyes and stood up only to be pushed bac
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 129 70
Seto Kaiba x Reader - Chapter 5
 "Let me go, coward!" you thrashed around. Your arms and legs were bound and you were blindfolded. You also had no idea where you were. The last thing you remember was trying to escape using your newfound flying abilities when you were paralyzed. Strange, huh?
 You heard the door open and close and someone crouched infront of you and said in a deep, British accent, "Bloody hell, you're loud!"
 You thrashed around more, "Let me go or I'll.... I'll...."
 "Do what?" you practically hear the smirk in the voice, "Fly away? Sorry, that's not an option."
 The blindfold was removed and you blinked, letting your eyes focus on the light. That white haired boy, Bakura, was sitting in front of you, his hair crazier than usual and his appearance more.... Masculine. He was smirking, holding your blindfold in one hand and a knife in the other. Oh, shit, you thought, escape plans immediatly rushing to our head. Your eyes darted around the room. You could tell you were i
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 128 49
Seto Kaiba x Reader - Chapter 4
 The day went by quicker than you thought. You hung out with Yugi and his friends while Seto watched with disapproval from a distance. And just to be nice, you flirted with Joey just for the CEO. That SURELY made him happy. You could tell from the dirty looks you got from him. The only negative thing that came out of this day was the fact that you had FRIGGIN' WINGS. No, you double checked. They were there. Just as real as they were that night. You planned on telling Kaiba on your "date" with him.
 You left with Kaiba to Kaiba Corp after school and sat in his office as he worked. He had no work for you so you waited patiently as he sat at his desk and typed furiously. I wonder what he does on that thing, you thought as you rested your head in your hands. You felt your wings fidgeting under your clothes. They desperetley needed out and stretched. You also needed to do research on dragon wing care. If there is such thing.
 "I'm going to the library," you stood up an
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 116 42
Seto Kaiba x Reader - Chapter 3
 Have you ever been in the dark for so long that you start to see things? Well, that's what you were experiencing at the moment. You traced your hands along your surroundings. Metal and straw it felt like. What happened to the nice satin bed you were sleeping in? You shuddered and pulled your knees to your chest then rested your chin on them. Fear took its toll as you clutched your legs tighter to your chest. Did Seto put you back out onto the streets?
 There was a sudden flash of light as you heard a door open. You shot your hand up and tried to block the light when you saw blue-ish white hair waterfalling over your shoulders. You also wore a rag type article of clothing, much similar to the one you met Seto in. Grasping the metal bars your moved foreward in hope of freeing yourself. A shadow stood in the doorway and moved in on you.
 "Who are you?" you asked, the sound of your own voice foriegn to you.
 "Priest Seto," an all too familiar voice replied. Hands fi
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 132 37
Seto Kaiba x Reader - Chapter 2
 You stood infront of the museum, staring in slight wonder. You had always passed this building yet never bothered to find out what it was. Well, it's a museum. An Egyptian museum. Sure, you read about it in the paper and saw it on T.V when in the office with Seto, but you didn't really think of it. What business does Kaiba have here?
 You blinked, "Yeah?"
 The CEO raised an eyebrow and shock his head, "You're so embarrassing."
 "W-what did I do?!"
 Shaking his head, he made his way up the museum steps. You breathed out, irritated, and dragged Kaiba's work papers up the steps. The museum was empty of people as guards began setting up their night posts.
 You followed him down the corridors, staying close to him. You wanted to hold his hand for some odd reason but quickly exited that idea from your head. You reached a room with two large rocks with Egyptian hieroglyphs. A woman with tan skin and big, blue eyes stood in the middle of the roo
:iconannamayzee:AnnaMayZee 137 45



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This is so cool!

***Note*** I had to screenshot this to put it on here. This is to let you know that I am not trying to claim ownership or what ever. You're amazing, and I think everyone should know!

Credit goes to ~

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