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Inspector Gadget and penny, stylized version
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Feb 9, 2019, 10:50:32 PM
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" I'll get you next time Gadget!, Next time!!" ^^
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Nice job on the perspective :).
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I just love their expressions on this one. great job! :heart:
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I really like the style you gave here, feels so charming and peaceful! Well done!
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Gadget-*looks from the window* "Hey look Penny! Gadget Emoticon 4 Their putting on a air show for us!!"

Penny-*eyes wide, shocked* "Ummmm..Uncle Gadget?...IG Emoticon- Penny 33 That looks like the M.A.D. Jet!!! IG Emoticon- Penny 24 "

Gadget-*shakes his head* "Don't be silly Penny! Gadget Emoticon 69  You honestly think 'Claw' would be here, knowing 'I'm' here??...Gadget Emoticon 26 "

Penny-*still staring out the window, sounds sarcastic* "Uhhhhh...IG Emoticon- Penny 90 yeeeeeah!!!"

Gadget-*snorts* "Yeah okay!..IG Emoticon- Gadget 89..Now your just being ridiculous!"

Penny-*darts her eyes to him, then back to the jet* "Okay Uncle..Penny Emoticon 7..if you say so!..IG Emoticon- Penny 25.."

Ohhhhhhh, Gadget! :no: You oblivious moron you! :facepalm: I still love ya though! ;)

You captured the moment well! :) Good work! Awesome as always!! :D  
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Claw - *presses a button while throwing an evil laugh* EhehehehAHAHAHAHAH! IG Emoticon- Dr. Claw 7 *a missile flies out from his M.A.D Jet to the Gadgetmobile and a big explosion happens* Atomic Cock

They all died.
Pikachu's Pervert Face (Emoticon) THE END Pikachu's Pervert Face (Emoticon)

Eheh, sorry, I had to! Sweating a little...
EyesOfThePhasm's avatar
Hahahaha!!!! :XD:

Boy! What a twist!! Troll Spoop 
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And Gadget didn't suspected then that flying jet is Dr. Claw's Madmobile. 
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