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I was totally blindsided by the response,  thanks for all the comments I know I missed some really good cameo opportunities. Instead of shoehorning characters
in this I'll like to expand on it.

I generally release work in SD formats  not 4k HD nonsense, just as movies in 24fps are more engaging than movies in 48fps.

They're some missteps here in lighting and shadow play and could go for another release.
Down sampled for effect.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.
I clipped a couple elements from screen grabs for this one.

spoilers list:
the laaaw: Bonkers,  Savage Dragon, Judy Hopps + Nick Wilde, Lucky Piquel, Miranda Wright, Inspector Gadget, Chief Quimby,  Officer Jenny, Eugene Tackleberry, Apirl O' Neil,  Kirby and Muldoon, ,Joe Swanson, Chief Wiggum. background: OCP building. vehicles: Gadget mobile, Piquel's cruiser, Jenny's moded bike, Enforcer helicopter, Air Raid, Skymaster X5000 jetpack. Bad guy refs: Joker, Negaduck, Mojo Jojo, Shego, The Monarch.

Bonkers, Inspector Gadget, Pokemon, Simpsons, Family Guy, C.O.P.S, SWAT Kats, Zootopia, Savage Dragon, Police Academy:the Animated Series, Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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I know it seems out there but what about Stryker from Mortal Kombat and Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil?

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Beware of the Freelance Police

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What a great collection of animated cops. Look's it's Nick & Judy in the back!

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man, figuring out juristiction for his one is gonna be a nightmare

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Nice drawing.

Joe Swanson: Stromboli [villain], you're under arrest for kidnapping Pinocchio.

Leni Loud [The Eleven of Hearts]: Pinocchio should totes go to school on time.

[While the Toontown Police Force arrest Stromboli [villain], Officer Jenny soon reaches into his cummerbund and dug out the sack of money prior to giving the sack to Lori Loud]

Officer Jenny: Here's the money, Lori Loud [The High Card]. Now go and buy a brand new watch to replace the one that was literally broken by Lincoln Loud [Ace Savvy].

Lori Loud [The High Card]: Thanks, Officer Jenny.

Bonkers, Inspector Gadget, Pokemon, The Simpsons, Family Guy, C.O.P.S., SWAT Kats, Zootopia, Savage Dragon, Police Academy: The Animated Series, Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Loud House [episode - Pulp Friction], Pinocchio

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A real work of art!

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You use Adobe Illustrator too? Awesome!

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OS-DOS: This is an interagency matter.

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Bonkers: hi Offcier Jenny
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No way Gadget would get anything done with out Penny and Brain lol. He is walking right though the tape lol.

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what no Dog City or Astral Chain? still cool picture tho.

creative I love it!!!

My nostalgia senses are tingling~!!!

URL: I'm about to go 21st century on his #$@. Awww yeah.

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Presenting...The Toontown Police Force (TPF).
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a really great work that contains parts of my childhood

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I love this drawing so much!
It's awesome!
I wonder if OCP (Robocop) ever became an evil Pokemon Organization. Just like Team Rocket and Cipher. Or even be in union with either or both of them?
I'm sure Officer Jenny would be chewing Chief Wiggum out for something, right?

And just be annoyed with Gadget on the other hand.
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