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Published: January 11, 2019

I was totally blindsided by the response,  thanks for all the comments I know I missed some really good cameo opportunities. Instead of shoehorning characters
in this I'll like to expand on it.

I generally release work in SD formats  not 4k HD nonsense, just as movies in 24fps are more engaging than movies in 48fps.

They're some missteps here in lighting and shadow play and could go for another release.
Down sampled for effect.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.
I clipped a couple elements from screen grabs for this one.

spoilers list:
the laaaw: Bonkers,  Savage Dragon, Judy Hopps + Nick Wilde, Lucky Piquel, Miranda Wright, Inspector Gadget, Chief Quimby,  Officer Jenny, Eugene Tackleberry, Apirl O' Neil,  Kirby and Muldoon, ,Joe Swanson, Chief Wiggum. background: OCP building. vehicles: Gadget mobile, Piquel's cruiser, Jenny's moded bike, Enforcer helicopter, Air Raid, Skymaster X5000 jetpack. Bad guy refs: Joker, Negaduck, Mojo Jojo, Shego, The Monarch.

Bonkers, Inspector Gadget, Pokemon, Simpsons, Family Guy, C.O.P.S, SWAT Kats, Zootopia, Savage Dragon, Police Academy:the Animated Series, Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Alright move on! Nothing to see here! Please disperse! Nothing to see here please!
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I can't see all of the cops listed.  I assume Tackleberry is near the bottom left.  I also think it needs Lou & Eddie from the Simpsons.

Also, this is a really well-done image.  You copied their various animation styles quite well.
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The dream crime fighting team
I wonder who did this. I bet 50 coins popple is add it again
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thestooge2222Hobbyist Artist
I'm a little worried this may be too many cooks in the kitchen, but who knows.
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godfreHobbyist Traditional Artist
Garrus needs to be here.
DARKZADAR-ZEROHobbyist General Artist
fantastic illustration ! 
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PikaMewFRHobbyist General Artist
The more I look at it, the more I realize the genius of it. Each character is represented perfectly well. ^^
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P250rhb2Hobbyist Digital Artist
How did chief wiggum get a hover chair?
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JaymieDaggerBarkHobbyist Digital Artist
It's actually a jet pack.
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NafyotoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Where's Robo cup 
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thestooge2222Hobbyist Artist
I'm with you on this!
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Do not cross the line!
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Where is Elisa maza from gargoyles? She definitely needs to be in their cause she's a detective.
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So many great characters put together. I love it! :')
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Master-GeassHobbyist Writer
Nice work. I recognize most of them, but not all.
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TeagBrohman15Hobbyist Filmographer
Where the heck is Barbrady?
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C.O.P.S. (a good show that almost no one remembers)
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This is too epic to see with deadly eyes.

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What is a villain convention
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TheDoubleDeucedHobbyist General Artist
Judy and Nick are on SWAT, huh? Neat.
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