Lots of cool things going on right now. I'm busier than normal again and the things I'm doing are top show.

Also, iPhones write stories with autofill.

It wrote this one for you.

I'm so tired but I think it's time. The only way I can see the point where you are the best. This was the one that has been in my head and a half of my friends are so cute.

Randomly, the only thing that would make it a lot of fun to use it for a few years back on my way home from work to be the first half of the year and the rest is history.

Too much fun, that is.
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frame10 General Artist
okay, good to know
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RLNStudent Traditional Artist
I have a completely different set of issues with my iPhone right now, but yours is cooler so lets run with yours =D  Tell me how cute I am ;p
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Half of your friends are SO CUTE, oh my GAWD! :eager:  I just want to give them chocolate and kittens and dress them up in frilly clothing so I can make a whole tumblr filled with ADORABLE Friends-Of-Nei pix.
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ToolKittenProfessional General Artist
LOL yeah I've never said that phrase in my life, but it picks words you use often. one time it wrote " Its a good day to be a great day" over and over. Not sure thats a saying, but it is now! Classic.
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Nice. xD