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It's sad but true my last post here was the last time I had been able to visit dA logged in due to some major life changes I had some difficulty recovering my account.

That was WELL over a year ago but I'm glad to be back. I'm glad to have the chance to be here again for and with you all, yays. 16 years now......headed to 17 I've been here a lil while...

I do have some news though....

I'm definitely stripping down my account. These months I've been away have still been plenty of people contacting me that my work is being used without my permission for various things, and this site is the only one I have currently.

I have not been the colorist work monkey that I was in the past. Instead I am working on getting a lot of my own stuff together. Like extravagant mystery boxes and self published books, hand made jewelry, hand drawn pictures, and home made soaps and soaks.

Comics was a dead ended road for me, they way I traveled it. Time to walk a different way.

I dont use a personal website right now, just facebook. Lots of Live videos and easy fun so find me there https://www.facebook.com/NeiRuffinoArtist

for way more up to date things

Instagram also https://www.instagram.com/neiruffino/

And I've also been jamming on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/NeiRuffino

Its ever so good to be back ^_^

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Hey I’m sorry to read this, I’m a huge fan of your work with My 8 Fairytale Fantasies prints are currently the only artworks I have on display in my room! Your work is a huge inspiration to me. I enjoyed meeting you briefly at London Comic-Con. All the best for the future! 😊

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Glad to see you back, sorry that some of your artistic plans didn't work out but I was always a fan of your work. :)

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my artistic plans are just working out now :D

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Awesome, I hope everything works out for you. ;)

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Glad to see you again! I am glad you found your artistic way, but your colors in comics will always been seminal, a true inspiration to look at for colorists! You are great!

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that was part of the problem, seeing my work pieced apart by these up and comers that seemed to water me down and thats not great. If that happens it better be on some awesome brand that I own not some DC or Zenescope look.

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I can see your point here! And if your new path makes you happier, do what is best for you then! :D

Nice to see you, to see you, nice !

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I'm not sure how comics were a dead end road for you. You've had a tremendous output over the years. A lot of your work is girly and feminine so it doesn't always jive with me as a man. (I like monsters/creatures) But You've been constant.

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it was always for somebody else......

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Seems like if people go pro that's the way it is......? But still be proud of the volume of work you've done. ^^

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yeah but its busting your bottom and in my case injuring yourself for some really ungrateful people. comics is only one small part of what i like to do., and it was consuming 90% of my awake time.

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Yes, Paul Pope was quoted saying industry standard ultimately turns you into a person with kind of a monk-like lifestyle.

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more like slave-like....until your name is big enough then maybe monk like XD

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Lol @ "slave-like"; there is a pro concept artist I found recently on Youtube named Trent Kaniuga. And he says in an interview that when he was starting out he signed out many one sided contracts until he developed better business skills etc. His lectures are very insightful.

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Hi! :wave:

I understand. I'm happy to see you here! :)

I've been watching your Livestreams on the Artist Alley where you sell your works of Art (like your originals), and draw Live on FB. ^_^

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thats very cool!

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Glad to know you're doing ok. Best of luck with your new proyects! :D

Great to see you again!

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Wow, it has been a while.

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I've been one of your watchers for quite a long time and I know that life will often take an artist away from their art. I'm gratified to see your work, once again. I hope to see more.

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I'm glad to be able to utilize the platform again!

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