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Lady Ragnarok


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Lady Ragnarok


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Lady Ragnarok

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Shine On

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Basic Coloring Tips - A Text

so, lately ive been getting (almost daily) notes from deviants asking on coloring tips. and while i never mind helping others and thats one of the biggest foremost reasons im on dA, i find that im repeating a lot of the same basic tips. so i thought it might be helpful to some of you if i were to just make some of this general knowledge public and...whatnot. so first thing i always get are people asking me how i pick colors? first thing i always say is, color theory! and that last one has a good little mind blowing point


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The Secret Life of Crows pt 2

The Secret Life of Crows

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The Secret Life of Crows pt 2

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Campbell Witchblade 135

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FairyTale Fantasies 2014 SDCC EXCLUSIVE Cover

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Deer Skulls

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Cloud Stock 5

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Today I bled and no one saw

Today I bled and no one saw A forest full of trees and I’m the only one that fell. Dawn came and the day prevailed, and after a while, it retired, shouldering the burden of moonrise and twilight, yet I was still but a figure lying in the dust.  Exposed and bare to the tellurian ballet. I became a home to parasites. Organisms grew proud inside of me, bestirred on top of me, and under me, but I was unable to stand tall as I once was. My sentience was still intact. And my days were slow and empty; I became a ghost of change. My life wasn’t over, yet I was forced to suffer it. Not for me, but for the hangers-on. They strived but f


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live for love for lyfe


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Covers 5 wip


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The three day cover


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