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a wrap around

the left side, pencils by rich bonk, colors by me, the right side, pencils by al rio, colors by thomas mason
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i LOVE this stuff really amazing i got something like this for my ps3 i got it off amazon LOVE IT !!
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I absolutly LOVE this picture! Such nice contrast!
hella wonderful job^^
beutiful as usual
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In one corner, we have delightul, charming, for all ages, madcap hilarity, cuteness.

And in this corner we have psychotic, schizophrenic, blood thirsty, tawdry, naughty.
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OMG. So...idk if you'll believe me, but Thomas Mason is my father. I'm in total shock to see his work on here. xD I wonder if the ones I worked on are up here somewhere...I did Grimm Fairy Tales tho not Alice. But yeah. Coolio.

Sorry...minor moment of excitement. lol
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ok so who actually wrote the story? do you think you can send me his link? i love the colors they are absolutely amazing and i almost bought this book in spencers today...almost. it was way over my price range but i still want it. grrrrss
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raven gregory did. he doesn't have a website.
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aww sadness. oh wells how are you?
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a nice idea :D love the evil vs. good thing !! great
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I just bought the entire comic....WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLL!
I just noticed something, the Mad Hatter does a Doc Jekell/Mr. Hyde thing (that's not it though). What I noticed is that the Mr.Hyde Mad Hatter is holding the March Hare's pelt. That's cool.
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actually it's not the march hare'e pelt ;)
What is it then?
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Ok got ya. Even creepier. I like it.:eyepopping:
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I dont have words for that... But I'll try: wow!
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Wow!!!!!!! I love it..... oh! it´s great.... wowowow!!!!!!!!!................. ok............. uf! Great art.... excellent...magnifique! :D
cool and hot pic. love it :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice to see a random american cartoon version or Alice in Wonderland as opposed to one of the millions of anime/manga ones. [guilty of being one of them]
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those are usually so interesting though!
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