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wizard of oz month

this was a fareakin amazing opportunity and time working on this beast with Campbell!

It was just as cool getting to hang out with him and sign them at sdcc, where they were first made available. later this year you will be able to find them solicited through diamond so you can get a copy of your own at your local comic shop or online comic retailer, stay tuned! i'll make sure to let you guys know :D

this is the cover for the calendar.

Lines by :iconj-scott-campbell:

colors by me :D

again dont mind his watermark, dont have the high res of the finished calendar page.
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my god...I would never had - had the patience or the talent to do that....simply beautiful...if you love Oz you may like my new book NORTHERN OZ....all new lands all new characters....go to and it will have the art work and book...not asking you to buy the book just thought you might be interested...... 
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great pic
vjkelly ....NORTHERN OZ....all new characters all new lands....if you would like to be on my site please let me know ...I have made a spot on my site for wizard for oz artists.  Send me the pick you want to put on site and your web address or deviant art address.  All I ask is let folks know about my new book NORTHERN OZ ...all new characters all new lands. Now with Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
PS...if you would like to do art interpreting what my characters might look like to you feel free to do so. I will put them on my site linking to your website or deviant art site....
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Wonderful job! Though I wish you had used the Silver Slippers in lieu of the Ruby
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i know why, but we are fans of the movie's choice, and the reason behind it. we arent purists of the oz genre, but moreso the fact that red pops much better.
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omg this was in a literatre packet i have to do for english class!
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soooooooooooooo cool!
Now...if they had that as the cover for the movie...I would be all over that thing like...well you don't want to know :D
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o.Ooh :D Alice is hot-t-t-t :D
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:rofl: sorry :D I meant Dorothy :D
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that Is fucking awesome if my comp was not retarded Id show some love
you should recolor dorothy's shoes to match the book, not the movie (even though that is the one most people remember. The book originally said they were silver shoes. But awesome coloring..the scarecrow..looks kinda like a batman villian..
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no thank you, i am aware of those details but the classic technicolor look of the movie is what we were going for here.
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Wow! I love the hints of rust on the tin man.
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how much are the calanders and where, I love your stuff!
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well you might want to check out his website, because he was supposed to start an online store. but if it isn't there you just have to wait until later this year.
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nice colouring over JScott's amazing pencils
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Let see, scare crow needs a to get a clue, Lion needs to grow a pair, and Tin dude wants to give a Sh!t.
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love the tin mans new look he looks like he certainly can really kick someones butt.
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