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winter yays

drawn by :iconj-scott-campbell:

colors by me, you know the deal.
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ooh... very nice. I never pictured Bambi in this way

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I feel kind of lame that my original comment was just "She's awesome" - even though she is; she's the sort of character I keep trying to create and never quite get right. You did an incredible job. :)

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She's awesome. :)

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Linda 💜 ART muito bem feita
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slo un pequeño comentario

las enbras no llevan astas asi de grandes

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So much snow but it’s getting hot in here!
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I thought that was just me 👀
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It's so hot it melting the fucking snow
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Very attractive doe and breathtaking scenery (great job with the handprint in the snow)

Some quick questions:

Does Bambi or Faline have something to explain on this one?

What kind of deer is she? because I have never seen one that had antlers (let alone a doe) during winter time.

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Ah, Scott made a nice animal art here with plenty of snow to go around. Thanks for coloring with all the snow.

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That's why..... Kdh
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Beautiful! ^^

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absolutely majestic. i can feel myself tearing up.
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Are you his Wife or is this just fanart?

Wonder Woman gif
Spider-Gwen Dancing gif animated
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Unusually tall for a Doar.
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This may be the greatest thing I've ever seen 🙌
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So wild and beautiful!

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