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This went around one year and everybody and their dog did one, but I'm keeping it going. I even added every damn year I could manage.

So here you have it, dug out of bins and storages for your viewing and laughing pleasure. I've lost generally everything from when I was a kid, and only some drawings done for family way back when even exist anymore. The photos at the top were recently sent to me by my mom.

its been a long journey on a long road with still much further to travel down that road.

Not everyone agrees with me, but for me, this is why talent doesnt exist. They've done studies, its not magic or science, its training your brain. I started out shitty like everyone else. I drew for fun. I found something that got me drawing and I played around. I didnt do art seriously for the years of perhaps 12-16 and from 12-19 when I did mostly anime there were barely any inprovement at all in anatomy or stiffness or line clarity until the very end when I started to take it more seriously. I've probably heard every view point and opinion on this, so spare yourself your time and mine by not writing me paragraphs about it.

So then I gave up video games, and devoted the time to drawing instead. I studied anatomy and worked hard and what do you know, now we're talkin. I started getting better. Going to show no amount of a so called "talent" will really help you, will it? you can draw for years and give up like, "i must not have talent" because you dont get better.

not to lecture, but if you take anything away from this. its put your nose down, study everything you can about art, and dont draw only anime and from your head and expect to get much or any better for long periods of time.

dont let people tell you art cant be your career or take away the pleasure you get from it. it can be nothing to you, or everything. it can be a part of your life or change your life constantly the way it changes mine.

dont ever stop drawing. you can lose it, and I almost did.

and if i can give any one part of important yourself and the rest will follow.

in other words, those 4 pieces i posted were the only ones i did that whole year.....

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omg this is sooo cool. I feel the need to practise now