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gl 42 variant cover

i'm pretty glad eddy barrows is becoming a more regular thing on green lantern now, thats for sure!

lines by :iconeddybarrows:

digital paints by me!
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She's never looked so... *Dabs his eyes* ... herself *sniff*

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love your work, I own all these comic books, Green Lantern is my favorite and the story line since the intro of the red lanterns has done nothing but get better, as well as the mind blowing color and artwork. Keep up the fantastic work!!
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i shall, thanks!
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just omgwow!!!
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This is awesome hun.
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Haha..great! like little gnome.;)
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already pumped up for Blackest Night and now see this. (wish could get lucky and have one of these covers pulled for him but, no big)

Though I do await to see Scar's fate. Already no liking this little blue snork.
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I bet I'm not the only one to ask this, but is he bleeding or just crying.
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i'd think of it more as bleeding.

but it's a she.
Ugh, Scar. Very nice details on this, by the way. Can't wait for Blackest Night, myself.
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I need to find this cover!!!
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my comic shop gets one or two in and puts them under the counter at the front of the store :)
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Yeah my main shop has one guy that pre-orders/reserves the first GL variant everytime (he's got a deal set up with them because he gets them a deal on pizza's for events I guesS) but there are a few other shops around that I'm gonna bug/poke to see if I can manage one.

How long did it take to color that from start to finish?
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Scar!!! Wow... The detail on the black blood or tears coming from his eyes and all. Wow the colors here are just so awesome!
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yeah i dont know if they are really tears, but the inky stuff comes out of her eyes and goes all over the pages spilling out what is happening past present and future in the war of light ^__^
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Freaky, ignore the question I posted.
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well, given your replies to the deviation are above replies to you in your messege center, i only saw this after i replied XD
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Sorry for the inconvenience.
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