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another beginning to flourish

my first real painting that wasn't made from a super old drawing in a long time.

and er, drawn by me of course.
completely digital, from sketch to end probably took about 9-10 hours.

so yeah, drawn by me! painted by me! ( i like the sound of that better)

EDIT: did some adjustments to the mood :)
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for a moment, i thought she was climbing down a staircase from a space ship or some such xD and then i looked more carefully

i love this ^^

where is she from and where can i see more of her and her world? (is this a web/comic?)

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yes, return to wonderland from zenescope! this is a super old painting hehe..

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Sela better not look behind her!
Pure perfection!
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Awesome! I love the mood.
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Now your art can stand on it's own without your credit needing to be shared.
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another kind of Wonderland.......
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I love it, it's very Lovecraftian.
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Two of my favorite things are beautiful women and Octopuses. :) Beautiful work. I love how it's not super bright around her. Now is she summoning or being attacked?
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id say summoning :)
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Wow I just love your art, It's so stylish and you do such a great job! Most of them make you seem like your into girls. :) Haha I love it. If you don't mind me asking, what program do you use? I've always wanted to learn how to do digital art, but never had the time or the computer to do it til now. Sorry if you have is written somewhere, I'm not one to read and scan for things i can ask for.... Great work! I'm interested in what you do next!
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Love the contrast between the soft and sharp details. Beautifully done.
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Woah, amazing creature. o vv o And a very well done girl too of course. Wouldn't expect anything else from you!!
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wow this piece was mind blowing really your a hell of an artist
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You're work is amazing!
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Yay! Stripey socks! I love the little details in her apron. Nice ominous lighting. You're water is impressive. I'm ok drawing water but the idea of painting/coloring it is daunting. I appreciate the movement in the picture. With the ground broken up and her pose I imagine the squid just dropped down or something sudden. Her socks get a little lost in the picture because of the thick outline. I still like them though :). One thing though... the heart on the inside of her shoes makes them look like she has them on backwards. Since it looks like a buckle on the inside of the shoe.
I love your coloring style and the dark colors really lend to the mood.
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One of my favourite of your gallery!
The girl, the octopus, the colouring...i really love this piece of art!
Awsome picture, I love all the little details like the clouds and the dark sea, and the colors used, used to create a dark mood.And i like how Cthulhu is checking her out :D
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Very cool! Are these characters of yours?
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Hmmm. I don't recognize them. :(

Anyway, nicely done! It's neat to see you color your own stuff.
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