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Wont You Kiss the Girl

EDIT: Totally ganked the watermarked version from Scott's gallery on this one, I think it's a REALLY good idea to have these replaced with them in my gallery, because people have had the habit of reposting them in articles without credit constantly, and some dont have contact info to fix that situation.

4 now.

I believe this is actually Scott's favorite,

This is definitely my favorite face of the calendar.

lines by :iconj-scott-campbell:

digi inks by francis takenaga

colors by me, nei ruffino

close up :

Find the 2011 calendar here! [link]
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"Won't you Kiss the Girl?"

Only if she stays with me forever after that.
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If Eric won't, I totally will
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Puuurfection :D Love the detail
Myschevous's avatar wonder they had so many men "lost at sea"
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She probably smells and/or tastes like raw fish. Nah.
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Ripple Neutral ALP - Surprised Flarewhisker (Private Use) Pokemon Eevee Icon - Free to Useblossom surprised blossom crying blossom upset blossom terrified pokemon gif sylveon Vaati Expressions steam is Sceptical Tyron running Drizzle Upset Drizzle Neutral ALP - Terrified Flarewhisker (Private Use) ALP - Crying Flarewhisker (Private Use) Frigidsun - Terrified Emberheart Surprised Embarrassed Finchpelt ALP - Sceptical Flarewhisker (Private Use) ALP - Crying Ryepaw Happy Alicorns Derpionette - emotion steam Blushing blossom smiling blossom neutral blossom embarrassed Bladestar Terrified Upset Duskdancer Torrentfrost awe Britney Spears - Hah! 
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Ah, sweets all those cat emoticons that you used are owned by the group A-Luminous-Path and are only allowed to be used with member's permission. Please remove them from your comment.... 
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ok how do i join please let me inAdventure Mangle icon 
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Please remove my emoticon (the white cat) from this comment. That is my art, and is not to be used by anyone but me. Thank you.
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it says its a up to 50 x 50 emotion it stays in the Add Media section so that means anybody can use it
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no me to pleaseHeart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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No; please remove them from your comment. They are for my use, and my use only.
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let´s kiss a mermaid, we will like it =D
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Holy crap that looks awesome.
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Over 1250 comments? OK.
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looks like a comic
thats cool :3
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