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Ultimate Comics Thor 1

Cover for (read title)

Lines and inks by J.Scott.Campbell :iconj-scott-campbell:

Colors by me, Nei Ruffino

if you saw this on facebook, cool. i dont need to be told by every one of you though :P
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Look at Thor, getting both Amora and Brunnhilde!
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I thought that it was Amora and Sif?  Because if you look it up, Sif had blonde hair before Loki played a prank on her and turned it black.
Now Odin really has trouble. :)
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Absolutely love this one.
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With Amora and lady Sif perhaps? The ladies are quite alike in features but the whole piece is brilliant!
Ruling Asgard... LIKE A BOSS!!!
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I featured your amazing artwork here: [link]
I hope it is okay and you approve;) My site gets many hits. I always link back to your DA page and of course give you all credit!!!
The site is for Art and Music Inspiration.
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Nei you are such an inspiration :)
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Umm, let's see, Enchantress, Thor, who's the third?
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I really like the drawing, but I must ask why you replaced his hammer Mjolnir with an axe?
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I'm guessing you're not familiar with the Ultimate Universe? They've had Thor wielding a version of Mjölnir more akin to a real war hammer since his first appearance back in 2002.
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i dont know i only colored it.
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One of your best works so far! :)
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El dibujo no es de carlos pacheco??
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dude thor is the greatest
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very nice......awesome...
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Love this piece. Thor is king and always will be. :D
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