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The Wizard of OZ

Hope I dont get typecast for doing fairytales! or that sort of thing, anyways.

This is the variant cover for #1 Wizard of OZ published by Marvel (soon to be, anyways)

This was a really fun cover to do, J.scott asked his editors to have me color this, so I obliged. It puts a check on my list as my first work for Marvel. This cover was straight from pencils and I did some digital inking on the piece before i started.
Cartoony stuff can be fun to color (those clouds look like tasty marshmallows) and there really isn't anything you have to hold back on too much in terms of how bright things get (depending on the setting of course but definitely not here)

so here you go :)

EDIT: The slippers are only red in the movie, in the books they are silver, which this comic follows. please quit asking me why they aren't red :)

Lines by J.Scott Campbell :iconj-scott-campbell:

Colors by me, Nei Ruffino
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Scene more or less right out of the movie. In the book, the appearance of Glinda, the good Witch (of the south), comes much later in the story.
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A young girl enters a surreal land, and kills the first person she meets.
She then enters into an conspiracy with four complete strangers to kill again.
All over a pair of shoes.
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Oh you don't have to worry about that. Wizard of Oz isn't a fairy tale. It's North American Mythology by now.


Very nicely done. glad to see you remembered the shoes are silver, witches wear white and the color of the munchkin land is Blue. Little details like that really make the picture.



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vjkelly ....NORTHERN OZ....if you would like to be on my site please let me know ...I have made a spot on my site for wizard of oz artists.  Will put pick you send me and your site ....send me the pick you want to put on site and your web address or deviant art address.  All i ask is let folk know about my new book NORTHERN OZ ...all new characters all new lands.
                                              If you would like to give  your idea of what my characters or lands look like be my guest.
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 NORTHERN OZ by vjkelly
All artists please get in touch with me and I will post your site on deviant art on my site...let me know.

                                            NORTHERN OZ
                                Beyond The Yellow Brick Road
                                                  By VjKelly

Long ago the wondrous Land of Oz was discovered by generations of children and adults alike.  But what few people knew was across the great desert and beyond the most northern territories of Oz was a land long ago forgotten.  That land was Northern Oz.  Once connected to all the counties within Oz by the Yellow Brick Road the two lands became forever separated by an evil spell cast by a wicked sorceress.  She covered the great desert with a dreary, dense fog that thwarted any attempt at crossing.  Since then Northern Oz has existed only as a memory, passed down from one generation to the next …until now.
          So come and join Kristi and her friends, Obo the street clown, Oddbitz the crash car dummy, Timba who is half wolf half man, and the floating-darting Wim the little Wimbididee as they journey through the exciting and magical lands of Northern Oz.
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This picture is just gorgeous!!!
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Oh! And I forgot to mention how I love that you put some purple into the Good Witch of the North's garments, which is awesome because the north country of the Gilikins is purple!
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I also love the fact that Dorothy is being kept blonde, as she was in the illustrations of John R. Neill.... Although, She was a brunette in the first book, she was blonde in the remaining 39. Great Work! :D
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Wasn't it Skottie Young that did the art for the comic?
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Thank you! you read the book and know her slippers are silver! I love you now
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marvel's wizard of oz was actually a retelling of the novels :)
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oh I see, but that was a seriously amazing job you did ^^
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Oh! I love this! So accurate!
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hi, lik i like ur art and all, but victor flmeming stole my idea. he really did, and it is my interlectual property, so i think that you should know that.
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My 2 year old went as the book version last halloween because my wife is a fan, ALL we heard all night is "why are her shoes not red?"

We told them "why can you not read?" and that in the books the shoes were silver
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Oh my goodness! Toto looks so cute! Haha, so much better than the movie! Great!
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I bought this a while back and the art was completely amazing!
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Wow this is beautiful!
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Toto is sooo cute!
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Looks just like I imagined it when I read the book! I love the Good Witch's happy expression and Dorothy's shock and guilt. The fisheye perspective is a nice touch.

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I'm Actually Reading This Right Now!!!
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I totally bought this book!
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