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The Secret Life of Crows pt 2

The Secret Life of Crows : Feathers into Flame. The second installment to the series of three acts. Preview page!

This volume is 19 pages, full color, and is now available for pre-order. The price of the book is $20 and has a cover by J Scott Campbell! :iconj-scott-campbell:

The Secret Life of Crows is printed and ready to ship out in a few days, dont miss your chance, copies are already flying! Buy here ----->
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She is my favorite!
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I wasn't going to comment till I saw that...Cover by J Scott Campbell.

Your colours really meshed with his work which makes that so appropriate.
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this is something i drew, the cover (not shown here) was drawn by j scott.
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I knew that. 
I think my original comment was poorly composed or misinterpreted. 
Your work is (to me) as inspiring as his....even more so. 
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Wow, I love how even though there is so much going on, it all seems to fit together!
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Still a beautiful picture, well done c:
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This is amazing! So well done! :wow:
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Not bad for angels.
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wonderful nei! 
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Tremendously eerie and evocative, you definitely lead people into your story with such an image.
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Agree with all below-yer stuff always stands out on the shelves !!
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very neat! most totally
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Lately I have taken to NOT looking at the zoomed version of your images.

I became aware recently that the greater strength (in a full palette of strengths you have amassed as a journeyman illustrator) of your images can be found in viewing the full image. Your compositions have become tremendously impressive, kitten.

When I first started following you, about 2 years ago, I thought you were a very good colorist, and a solid illustrator. But I would not have suggested then that your comprehensive layouts were one of your prime strengths. Don't get me wrong; even then your weakest works stood out as competent professional works. I would say, however, that your compositional presentations (the FINAL image, taken in a gestalt viewing, as a total work) were still a work in progress.

Not so now. Recently I have been struck by how often the very first view of an image, as a total presentation, before I can click to zoom, is the most breathtaking. The one that sticks in my mind through the day, long after I close the window on your page.

Congratulations, kitten, you have blossomed into a powerful editorial illustrator. It is a privilege to be in a position to follow the progress of your career via this page.
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thanks for the insight! hopefully i will continue to improve. ive been trying to weed out my weaknesses :)
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As a follow up:

Here is the work of another artist I follow. He is not nearly as far along the road you travel as you are, but he walks in your foot steps, I think.…
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Beautiful color!
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So beautiful! :heart:
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