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The Secret Life of Crows - Complete Edition

The 3 Part Creator Owned Comic Trilogy by Nei Ruffino

What happens when the sun chases the moon?

Darkness falls.

The story of a Crow and a Phoenix falling in love and dealing with the aftermath of what happens when this impossible coupling continues.

An eternity glanced in a heartbeat
caught frozen in-between moments
Endless possibilities of so many shared pasts
and those one days that are yet to come
where the purity of love is a magical spell
that can never be undone.
Spun softly, tales of mirrors mate
as the midnight nation sings
and hearts may find their missing halves…

…amidst the broken wings.

Art by Nei Ruffino
Colors by Nei Ruffino
Story by Nei Ruffino
Written by Raven Gregory
Letters by Jim Campbell

:star::star::star::star:Available Now in Digital Copy:star::star::star::star:

This is the Complete Edition which includes Volumes 1-3
Over 50 Pages of Art and Story!!!

Real copies and other things available on


if you want all this plus everything to come, and more, join me on patron!
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Thank you for your hard and Gorgeous artwork 
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So, what are the differences in the limited editions?
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there were many different covers, some didnt have all the bonus pages,  but all of the pages ever created for the series are in this package.
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I'd love a 3 part trade copy in print. I own each already, but having a trade makes it easier, and I can keep the thin copies in better condition. 
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there will be a trade eventually :)
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Love love love!!!!!! :-)
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2nd cover is the best one.
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Keep up t great work.
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I can't wait for mine to arrive! :heart:
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I wouldn't mind a trade volume of the comic in print. I've got all 3 already, but a trade is nice too.  I don't do digital comics. You can't feel or smell them. 
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Beautiful work. :clap:
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I really need to get one of those! REALLY!
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we ship internationally! :D
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Would you deliver it yourself with your smile in a bow? No, I was just saying that financially, I'll have to wait a little to order it. ;-)
But of course my Lady, I'll get it.
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There be secrets with these crows
galapogosian's avatar
I'm thinking "I know that name somehow..." and then I googled it.
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I have the first issue which I love. I need to try and buy the third issue on Sunday at Wonder con. And the second a little down the road from your site. :)
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