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Shahrazad's puppy

By ToolKitten
a cover for big dog ink's shahrazad, retailer exclusive. apparently its the retailer's dog. ah...the silly world of work for hire.
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Awesome colors!
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Silly but fun, I hope! :)
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very nice Love Clap 
Doctor-Sleepy's avatar's so flipping CUTE!!!! Widdle face.
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The puppy isn't the cuter in this cover! Great work on the ambiance. I love the lights and shadows. I'm feeling like my eyes are in an arabic palace.
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Beautiful picture, and there is a puppy there.  I was distracted shiny things
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Really love the colours on her outfit, wonderful.
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amazing work as awayss keep the goood work mannn Love Love Love Love 
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your coloring is SO amazing  like akjbglksdjbg;ksHug Kawaii Grin Face Emoji 
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Very beautifull!
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Well then..
You totally nailed that outfit anyway it looks spectacular.
Nice work!
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Awesome work. See you next con and I am personally going to give you an ovation for your great work.
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make sure its a high five! :D
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i like this picture because of the dog... the dog is so misplaced 
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so cool love the details
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Beautiful work. :D
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At least it was a fairly tame request. I'm sure you get some seriously out there ones for cover exclusives.
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not too bad, in general the two weirdest requests i received are "can you make him have like a black glow around him?" and "i want a sexy zombie" XD
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Wow! The coloring and lines are BOTH  amazing... beautiful work TK :-)
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