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REM 8 issue 3 Page 6

still, sometimes i will be posting art that i was colorist only on. this is a recent favorite for a book named REM8 by JP Roth and dawn mcteigue :icondawn-mcteigue:

its a pretty cool story, if you want to know more check it out at

and if you want sneak peaks and other special things nobody else gets join me on

or my personal website
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oh that is beautiful
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Love the colors and back-lighting... fantastic work ^_^
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Can I favorite twice? I definetly love it!!! <3
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coloring great!!
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Oh this is wonderful... beautiful spirit of nature :-)
Acidbl00d's avatar
damn i love it :D
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Awesome stuff! :D
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Hopefully, if I keep practicing I'll get almost as good as you are.
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keep at it enough and you will get just as good as me. its all a long road and we all are on various parts of it ;)
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There are times where your lines are the true art and the color is just beautiful.  I think this time it is the reversed, the colors are the art this time, and they put the viewer right there in the field with the lady.  The light behind her could be a raging fire, or the beautiful light cast from a setting sun, but either way it highlights the lady perfectly and adds to her mystique.

Lovely work Nei, absolutely lovely =)
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jp's script said dusty sunset so you got it ;)

and thanks!
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Love the added textures in the foreground #depthoffield  
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that was a hard choice, a jump out on a limb thing. its good to push the boundaries of what you can add as a colorist, and ive had it happen many times. it wasnt there in the pencils, and then i get asked to take something back out. not this time tho.

 the script mentioned emerald blades of green......but as you can see in the pencils nothing was drawn for greenery. adding some becomes a must for full effect, and there was a fair amount of that in this project but it left me feeling like i contributed just so much more to the process of making a book.
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I see it in so much of your paints worx - probably what I love about what you bring as a colorist (2nd artist).  
Back when I was afraid to do much of my own penciling John Romita Sr. would grab me at the cons when doing portfolio reviews and say these are great ink samples but you are adding and changing so much of the original pencils.
He knew I was only being afraid and lazy as most of us are our own worst enemies. Again great enhancement to this piece Nod 
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its important on both pencils and colors not to change things too much, especially with inking. if not done right you can make it look like a completely different artist.
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Nice, I thought it was a card from a card game. Pretty and colorful ; )
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This is very pretty! I really like the suggestion of a figure rather than the figure itself. Very tantalizing.
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very nice ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up
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