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Every once in awhile, an editorial illustration job comes my way. This was one that I had the honor of working on with Arthur Adams for GQ magazine.

It's Donald Trump, Kris Jenner, Vladimir Putin, "Sepp" Blatter and Martin Skrelli as super villains.

Have fun...I did. it should be known that my policital views arent the same as the magazine, or even what you yeah. if you feel the need to rant go for it but........yeah.

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Trump is main villain!!!

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it was actually for GQ magazine they own the printing rights. just fyi, its not good to post your number online!

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There are two general categories of foils against heroes. There are the stoic, reserved and calculating villains who always efficiently achieve their objectives most of the time. And then there are the bumbling fools who always goof up and serve as comic relief in the story. Here you appear to portray Trump as a member of the former. Everyone else paints him as the latter.
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Love it! LOL!
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Sooooo funny.......  :slow:
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Trump and all of them in the picture, villains. Villains who want to control the world
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Please Michel Tamer in Brazil ... rsrs
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I don't get it, why is putin in there then?
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Along your story, who is going to defeat them? Let us know.
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Marvel or DC needs to hire you now!
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art adams actually works for marvel
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This Trump REALLY reminded me of Granny Goodness from the DC Animated Universe.
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are you sure they are the villains? i'd say otherwise.
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It's always fun being the super villain once in a while!
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I cant see Merkel loo
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Best pose, costume, demeanor, goes to sepp blatter. All of this is super sinister.
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Better an angry loud-mouthed NON-politician in the White House than another lying politician who doesn't even know what the truth is. She probably can't even SPELL it. Just saying.
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hahaha, yeah, because PUTIN is a bad guy in this all. Nice work though.
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We need Spider-man! 
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