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Lindsey Stirlings Artemis

this is something that I never got paid for, that is quite a shame.

I think they went a different direction. If you look at the album now, and the comic that doesnt seem to have ever been something I would have been on.

drawn and colored by me.
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This is beautiful, too bad you didn't get paid or anything. Mind-blowing really.

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Well it is a shame that they did not go with your work for it is far superior then the very basic Anime looking face they did get. But you still have this really amazing piece of work to share with all of us!

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Lindsey Stirling is fuckin awesome.
Wow this is breathtaking! It has such a fairy tale -like feel to it but feels so distinct and unique. I love the composition with the lady in the foreground, the mountain in the back, the deer horns being recurring, it's fantastic! 🙂
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The background, the character ... everything is just perfect!

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Excellent work. Well Done.

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Beautiful rendering of her

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Lindsey Stirling is starting to develop a reputation for either shitting on those who helped her in the past, or not giving a shit about anyone other than herself anymore. I used to really like her stuff, but I have unfollowed her on everything as her attitude continues to decline and I see more and more reports about how she is as a person. I am sorry that you got caught in her bullshit. This is an absolutely beautiful piece.

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Beautiful work

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Really lovely colours on this one, it's a shame it was never used!

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I wonder if she's able to polish her antlers herself or if she has someone do it for her.

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Oof, Lindsey Stirling or anyone, I wouldn't get to this stage without being paid ^^;

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I dont know if comics are a special industry but I never get paid until the work is done.

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There are many ways to do it, I think it depends on the part of the industry you are, I guess. Some pay half up-front, or half after some work is done, or full in advance...

But even if they end up not using your work they should pay something. You did the work, I assume they approved it along the way, if they change their mind that is their problem. I don't know, that is my opinion.

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You're art style has really matured. Always pleasing to see your work. Well done Ms. Kitten. Cat nods

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thank you!!!!

and finally huh? XD

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Heh, funny thing about maturity, it is a distinguishing refinement that never quite finishes changing ever so gently, and over time becomes a great development. d00d pound it

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That would be a wonderful D&D character. Great looking piece.

My immediate thought. I'm so sorry this didn't get paid for...

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Yeah, looking at the image the character has a lot of potential.

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I just googled that album and wowww I can't believe they chose the most basic anime face over your art?? Are they for real??

But anyway, great job on your end, I really like the color harmony.

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in the end a VERY anime look is what they go for. Ive learned that for the most part the actual look is much b etter than the album cover they went with. This was for the accompanying comics.

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