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Kingdom Hearts

By ToolKitten
okay so this had been the third in a series of attempts to do a kingdom hearts pic but having the disney animals be realistic and have it be a parody almost.

blah, it's done! now i have something new to show at san diego :)
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Am I the only one who laughed at this lol?
cereal-in-a-bowl's avatar
Wow!!! I love the intense details and the lines!! So cool.
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If kingdom Hearts was realistic. Awesome
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Teeny tiny King Mickey-Kun. I love him.
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I love the realistic approach to things. It adds something very unique
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Realistic Goofy is someone you would not want chasing you QAQ
squirrelyjoel's avatar
Well that's AWESOME
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I almost missed Mickey there
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Donald and Mickey look just as awkward as I thought, goofy actually looks cooler though!
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I could imagine Sora and the gang looking like this if they were in a Final Fantasy world on Kingdom Hearts. Nice work!
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Okay, how realistic it is is just awesome, I love how goofy, Donald, and Mickey look, this is just an awesome piece for an awesome game
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haha, i really like the way you've done their realistic versions, love your work   :)
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...I kinda want the series to look like this now, no joke.
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This is gorgeous! The realism of the animals is such a great twist and I'm in love with this piece!
The realism is amazing, I would've never thought of it like this
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Mickey as a tiny mouse tho xD this is noice
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That looks fantastic.
Hey love your picture.
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