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Industrial Pod

The finished painting.

About 24 hours counting the drawing, pscs5 an wacom intous 4 used (not that tools matter)

close up
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This one's going on my wall! Thanks again, It was an honor to meet you!
Definitely worth efforts <3
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It was nice seeing you at mega-con, This print looks awesome on my wall, Thanks!
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you too, sweet!
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She's so beautiful
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Top notch artwork! :clap:
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Damn that is cool! God I love the colors! XD
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I like this picture a lot.

I will use it to be my charcater for a cyberpunk RPG ("Mekton Z", the sequel of "Cyberpunk")
But i had to change it to match with my ugly hacker which live with an intelligent rat robot.
That was a lot of fun to modify this wonderful work !
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you do not have permission to alter my work!
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I wanted to have fun because I like this drawing.
But i understand, i delete it from the website.
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This has to be one of my favourite pieces of yours - It's the mix of surreal fantasy and industrial technique... <3
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this would have to be my favorite favorite
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I like the underground-techno feel to it.
Would this be sort of a woman-cave?
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Thanks for the signature today at ECC 2011 on this print. I probably should have taken more opportunity to see you draw live - oh well. This one just appealed to me, being a programmer (and having recently rewatching the matrix), as she is surrounded by the chill of steel and unfeeling technology, but comfortable on her small padded pedestal, and just a dimly glowing gateway away from her more familiar world.
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You're so welcome thanks for stopping by and picking it up!
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Wow . . . this is actually amazing. . . i love this !
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I've been watching you for a minute and have finally been moved to applaud your work. I chose this piece to comment on because it speaks to me. Love your style and the elegance of your composition. Have you done any tutorials on digital painting? Would love to see your process. Thanks for being here.
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i havent done any, my livestream is the only thing like that.

thanks for commenting!
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I'll be sure to jump on the next livestream then...time allowing. Your tag name...'Bakanekonei?...Japanese or Hawaiian?
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