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Published: December 9, 2009
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new personal best.


ok guys thank you so much for all your helpful critiques! I got a lot of good ones, and a lot of repeating ones, which means it's time to close the option for now so i can work on the obvious flaws.

and I'm sure many arching enthusiasts will try to tell me how wrong it is and to that I say

i want to take this opportunity to address my critique preferences, because some of you have been rolling your eyes over it, or deciding to disrespect me because i dont ALWAYS want one..

well, it's like this.

most of the time, especially lately, i dont get much time to actually spend time on a lot of things. and when it comes to my own art, especially. work you churn out at 50% your top skill isn't worthy of really giving a critique to.

how many things would look better given you had more time? how many things will people point out that you just plain didn't spend much time on? rushed? skipped over? that you already realize? that they will repeat, repeatedly?

just kind of seems stupid to me. most of the time i'm just doing my thing because it's what i love and i'm indulging my needs for my own art every once in awhile.

but then there comes a time, where i dont feel rushed. all my work is done, i am rested, i have the day, or a couple days to myself. and i actually still like the drawing i am painting.

well, that is one of these times for this piece. i made sure i didn't rush any of it, nipped all the loose ends, tucked in it's shirt and sent it out the door clean and finished and ready for it's day.

it doesn't happen that often that i spend THAT much time on something, because i have one day, not two to sit and work on it.

so i am asking this time because i actually feel that i gave it ALL i had. so if i fucked up, and you guys see it, i need to know, right?

it means that much more.

hopefully it makes sense, and hopefully if you've been questioning my preferences on critique, you'll understand a little bit more about why.
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