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again with the rain, living it through capturing it in art, since i can't have it for real. man i hope it rains in seattle this weekend! (last time i went it was dry all weekend)

lines by rags morales

colors by me, nei ruffino
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The atmosphere is wonderful.
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like this Nice Sir
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Reminds me of the Comedian funeral in the Watchman.
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Great job Nei, your nailed the mood with the colors.
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really wonderful job on the rain detail
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Is the rain a filter?
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Well, its raining in Seattle right now, so there's a good chance it will continue to do so thru the weekend.
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i checked the forecast and it said it would :)
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I love how you did the rain. :) AMAZING!!!
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great colors
it all looks so vivid, it's almost too good to be true :o
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wow thats gorgeous!
Bjornieman's avatar
It's truly amazing!
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I really like this palette nei. It's a good direction.
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Gee girl your paint is getting close to a photo realistic look... very cool
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Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, I just, like, did my hair ~ Brittnay Taylor.
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This is Brittnay we're talking about, the cheerleader from Daria who's smartest question was why her quarterback boyfriend had an A on his history test.
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ah, i miss that show
JudeDeluca's avatar
I still have two episodes on DVR saved from four or three years ago.

Thank God it's finally coming out on DVD.
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