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First Wave is1 page 7

some more pages from first wave.

some of you know i love painting rain,

even fewer of you know i miss rain so bad sometimes it hurts.

well, coloring these pages during a rainy season for us in southern california had made my month. too bad the folks in the hills were dealing with such disaster.

lines by rags morales

colors by me, nei ruffino
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Awesome! I been trying to draw this type of "Irish cap" for awhile but it's bloody hard to get the shapes right!
Great to see it lookin' so good in an illustration
DarkNightGraphX's avatar
The rain is simply mindblowing, such realism to how the water hits and the drops...Love the toned down color here and texture on various clothes
tZuB's avatar
looks like you really hate the rain! :D How can I tell you that you are amazing without being boring and unoriginal?
ToolKitten's avatar
hate it? i love it!
tZuB's avatar
I think it was meant to be ironic...maybe...i've been following you enough to know you love rainy days...
martinhoulden's avatar
I miss the rain too man ...

Silvre's avatar
I was so excited to see a comic with Doc Savage in it...and doubly excited to see that the art was beautiful. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!
BrenGun's avatar
wow awesome job!!!!!!
mikebeals's avatar
These 2 pages are gorgeous. The rain and water looks amazing and the colour palette really says dreary rainy day.
keyko020988's avatar
i lov the way you colour the rain^^ i cent draw rain=.='
RayArtz's avatar
Nicely done on the walk-ways wetness I keep waiting for the dudes in panel 1 to fall and bust their arses.
ToolKitten's avatar
lol it's not that hard to walk in the rain :)
RayArtz's avatar
No, but it'd be some good comedy relief haha
Vegetorott's avatar
Has almost a Frank D'Armata style to it. I like it.

...and I hear ya about the rain. Its weird how rainfall is portrayed as depressing weather, but its my favorite.
patientnr1043's avatar
looks very awesome!
never saw one of your pages with rain, but this is just stunning! great job :)
Lomeloke's avatar
awesome job my friend! i loooove the rain here!
sketchpimp's avatar
come to seattle this weekend. you'll get plenty of rain there :)
ToolKitten's avatar
i am, and i know! i am so looking forward to it :)
sketchpimp's avatar
awesome! im at table A-05. where you at?
sketchpimp's avatar
ha, cool. we are almost right across from each other.
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somevelda's avatar
A certain song popped up in my head: "It's raining men... Hallelujah it's raining men..."

Awesome work though. :D
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