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First Wave is1 page 16

more establishing shots! i love pages with these, when it's a bunch like this. you dont have to many one panel follow the one before it, lighting, design, mood, none of it. makes things exciting, and it's so much fun to play with. :)

lines by rags morales

colors by me, nei ruffino.
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I always admire the selection of not too strong colors that create an unusual atmosphere and the clean the scene.
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Hey I didn't know you did color on Rags.
His lines are killer, his super realistic style and mood within em often makes me think he could work for the movie industry too !
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i agree. we have worked together quite a bit :)
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I have a cool WW original by him. And Mike Bair showed super cool stuff he inked pencilled by Rags. Morales rocks !!! ;)
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whish i would be that good!
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it's also some of the nicest to keep, for the same reason. Fantastic work as always :hug:
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u guys snapped on this. great work all round, even the setup of the panels. who if anyone is doin the inks?
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rags is doing i his own
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looked like it. still great work on both ur ends. and fronts. and sides.
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Warning: Probably totally stupid question ahead:

I know that you receive the flats already done; that’s beyond the question. But… how is the “color scheme” or mood or whatever chosen, book by book? Is the penciler that gives the idea he/she wants? Is it you? Or is it the editor?
I understand that if it is a series, the colors should match, but what happens when it is the first ?

(Before tantrum, read the warning above)

Alexa #2
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well i get hired for the type of moods i can give pages, or the fact i give them mood. i get hired for what i do, and i'm usually just let loose on it. if something i do doesn't work for them, i redo it.
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The muted color pallete and soft lighting you use works perfectly for these pages. I especially like how the movie sign lights bounce off the cop car, and the glow of the boardwalk.

I'm also a fan of pages like this which give you an idea of the average people in the world the comic is set in.
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great colors!
i love how every panel stands on itself, yet still it seems like they're all connected. looks really nice
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I have to admit, I've always beleived that the strenght of a comic page layed in the art, that colors were just a kind of decoration; but seriously, the strenght of this page lays in YOUR colors.
You are really, really good... Keep it up.
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yeah, don't come here drunk, you'll wind up replying on the wrong page to the wrong person... :blush:

I was just saying it's amazing how often we read a comic or watch a movie and don't realize how much color, and everything that goes with it, bring to te piece.
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a very common misconception. somebody replied to you, btw. but they actually said it to me....
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Really like the middle panel. :)
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Gorgeous work, Nei. You and Rags make a great team.
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I like how you gave the right mood and light to the 3 different scenes. I love it!
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it's fun looking at these without the text boxes and coming up with your own dialogue for the scene.
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