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FairyTale Fantasies Blue Fairy

By ToolKitten
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Featured in the NEW FairyTale Fantasies calendar 2012 !

12 Month Poster-Size calendar Available for Purchase HERE!:


Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints available HERE:


Kick ass lines by the man! :iconj-scott-campbell:

colors by myself.

More from Fairy Tale Fantasies 2012 HERE:

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So, AMAZING. I actually thought it was cover art for "Fathom" Great job!!
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so beautifulHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Do you think you can draw The Blue fairy acting like a mother to Pinocchio?
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Love the blue fairy!!! I want to ask for a wish!!
Starkillernhispilot's avatar
She's going to make him a "real boy"?
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It is like the others, Amazing!!
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I love this effect,it looks so stunning just like my Blue Fairy
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beautiful in blue!!
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Fantastic glowing effect! Very nice.
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love every thing to to with j scotts girl
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the blue fairy.... now how about the green fairy~~??? *w*
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* o * Oooooh!! This calendar is soooo awesome!! The colors are really well done =]
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wonderful work! :heart:
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AH-yup.... pinnochio ain't the only one that's got wood (ba-dum-bump-tish!)

I know, I know, puns make me such a blockhead ;) But it's a really beautiful bit of art mate. Why can't fairies like that ever exist in real life?

Stinkin' reality... why can't I have my fantasy creatures too dammit! :shakefist:
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She is sooooooo pretty! Really amazing.
Farytale "fantasy's" ...............good choice of words.
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Amazing! I love you'r all work
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derp derp boner~~
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