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Fairy Tale Fantasies 2014 SnowWhite

By ToolKitten
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when scott handed me these lines....i well....just about had to imitate her, you know, with my stylus instead of an apple and carpet instead of grass, and my little hairy cats instead of little hairy men going WTF!? around my head. i almost did it again when he handed me the lines in person and said here you go, these are yours. *dies*!

here you go, the 2014 Snow White!

lines and inks by :iconj-scott-campbell:

you can see us at SDCC table 4601!
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Love the way she holds her feet arched. Very erotic.
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Nice artwork.
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I want to eat those apples...
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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snow white 2014
"Things are about to go messy!"
    Coming soon!
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The coloring and lines here are just absolutely fantastic! About the composition, I feel it's a bit strange to have such a sexualized/romanticized rendition of a death scene, just feels off to me. Still, you did your part wonderfully here, I love the soft glow her seems to be giving off. :)
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Very nice sleepy scene.
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This is great work I love how she is barefoot 
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hmmmmm well it looks awesome but i cant help but think that the position of her feed has to be mighty uncomfortable...not that it would really botherher in her state but ;)
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Beautiful work.
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Am I the only one who finds the scenario a lil creepy? lol. The art and colour is fantastic but the situation, she'd FREAK OUT if she saw all these rugged characters around her. lol
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until they were nice to her, so what? :)
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Define "nice to her." I'm kidding of course. It's a good picture.
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Well I can already see where this is going...:D (Big Grin) Waaaah!
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Too beautiful for words! You guys make such a great team!
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Those haaaaands! My god they are perfection! The feet are kinda tripping me out again, but those haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands! :la:
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i can see what you mean by new tricks with brushes! this is spectacular nei! i hope that you, and jeff, know just how much you inspire people like me
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