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And Baby Bears was Just Right

EDIT: Totally ganked the watermarked version from Scott's gallery on this one, I think it's a REALLY good idea to have these replaced with them in my gallery, because people have had the habit of reposting them in articles without credit constantly, and some dont have contact info to fix that situation.

this one remained my favorite until the very last piece

i wanted to make the title "what, do i have something on my nose?

but of course it wouldn't let me.

lines by :iconj-scott-campbell:

digi inks by francis takenaga

colors by me, nei ruffino

Find the 2011 calendar here! [link]
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Somebody toucha ma spageth!!!
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This is really hot!
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Somebody must be punished for intrusion)))
Classic cool and beautiful artwork 
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I think baby-bear has his eyes on her
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I found something that could change how you live. Take a look at this
I had reached the end of the line now I dont feel bad about spending my money now everyone recognizes me believe me the sky is the limit
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my favorite story as child... i just never thought i would see it like this...... i mean... awesome man nice work.
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This ain't baby bears it's girl gets mauled. Run before they kill you, they full grown bears dammit.
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She gonna dieee.
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Uh, Goldilocks? Behind you...
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Of all your fairytale relates stuff, this is my fave so far.
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Amazing colour work
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