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Alice in Wonderland 1 colors

colors for alice being pulled into wonderland.

my cover for Alice in Wonderland #1 from Zenescope Comics
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Her expression is fantastic 
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Pulled?....or stuck while trying to escape?
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What an emotional expression. Not gonna lie, enjoying the cleavage too.
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alice in  wonderland !

you are good !

Undertale Underfell Underswap Dusttale 
gnuttormen's avatar
dafuq she's screaming for?
skirtkis's avatar
Alice in damsel land
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
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Shes ten. You gave a ten year old boobs.
ToolKitten's avatar
In this version of the story she isnt that age, obviously.
KingBo0's avatar
Still, perverting an inoce t and amazing childrens book, is not the best thing to do.
ToolKitten's avatar
well arent you high and mighty today XD
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Grimm Myths weren't even originally innocent, the real versions are really dark, try researching Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Bonnie - Icon GIF 
The-gcse-art-student's avatar
Grimm didn’t do a version of Alice in wonderland it was written originally by Lewis Carrol 

try reserching idiot
KingBo0's avatar
Why was the FNaF emote necessary? 
AiKitsuneko's avatar
not really, bunnies just remind me of Alice in wonderland :3
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Great art design Kitty :iconimbiteplz:
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No 12 year old ever
PixelGrater's avatar
She looks like she's on her period while falling... she's like 12 , if she isn't then why is she crying?
Cutiepie626's avatar
Isn't she like 12 in the movie?
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Bye Alice, see you later!
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