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1.2 is on the way soon. Please suggest ideas for it here :]

Get it here (because dA is weird):

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does it work with Foobar2000 1.1. ?
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Could this be re-upped please? Looks like a great config.
Good skin, bad dl link
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65daysofstatic, they're great lol, but the link is broken :\
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can you upload it somewhere else? the link is down :(
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The link is not working :(
I really like this skin an i would like to download it
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Very nice, made me swap over to Foobar :)
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I really like this one. It's much more subtle than other skins I've seen. I think it would be nice to set album art to display next to the tracklist as well, but that's only because I don't care much for sorting my music into playlists. I tweaked mine to do just that, although since I know next to nothing about Foobar it's got around 0% functionality and it's really sloppy =P Still, this is probably the most visually appealing as well as functional skin I've seen! Awesome work.

And if you're wondering, this is the setup I've got going on: [link] (I disabled the toolbar for it. It just looks classy xD)
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realy nice skin.....

can i use this icons on a winamp skin i'm doing?

i will give the credit and stuff..

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[link] Pidgin Guification's Theme
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hey dude

ok i have just spent near on an hour trying to get htis working. so far i have my genres panel A ok, the search is working fine and although the album art popout works. nothing is showing, massive black void. but more annoying than that is the fact that i cant, for reasons i dont know, see my play file next previous etc. buttons. they blend into the background :/ took me a while to find them, on that note i dont see the stripe background either :/

could you perhaps give some assistance?


ps great skin
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been using that Visual Style for months! Great work mate!
Hi, i didn't get set your "skin or theme". Still stay ever in Default layout...

Help me?
Sorry, I have a question.

Your readme file doesn't talk about the images file. Where do I put those? My player has invisible buttons lol.

Are there general installation guides? I've honestly scourged Google for one.
Hi tooleh, I really admire your work.

Your VS and foobar skins is amazing. I'm new to Foobar2k, so I'm still trying to get the skin to work. But wow, awesome job.

I also had a question, what is that wallpaper you used in the preview? It looks absolutely stunning. Thanks. :D
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65dos ftw :razz: Nice setup. I'll try it out immediately ...
Great Setup!

Just curious, whats that "Utility Window"-Button for? It seems to me, it just opens an unskinned window with playlist, menu button and stuff. No idea what that should be good for?
I'd like the idea that this button could show up my Album List Window, but i have no idea how i could so.

Anyway, used your setups before, and will keep using them, thanks!
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I love the Visual Style! I'd like the Foobar as well but for some reason I can never get Foobar to work well whenever I try.

Thanks for the VS though, great work!
P.S. Were i can get this visual style?
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Visual style is here:

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is there a way i can get the artist displayed instead of the genres in the sidebar, though?
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This is amazing, so simple to use and looks great, but the text under my album art showing artist title and album title is messed up, I fixed it by editing the config and setting it to size 6, a bit small but not really much of a problem. Great Foobar work.
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You need the kroeger 05_55 font :]
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hmm but I installed that one ??? it's included in your font pack, am I right :shrug:
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