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HSM3 : I want it ALL


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COLORED -- Hannah x Miley

Hannah Montana

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Disney Wedding Collection


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Chibi w.i.t.c.h.


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The Princess of Galaluna

Sym-bionic Titan

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Crew of the Sun

One Piece

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Frankie Stein - Freak du Chic

Monster High

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Twisted Bubblegum

Adventure Time

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Copic Marker Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks

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b e g o n e  T H O T

Emoticons And Emojis

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Review: Loonatics Unleashed

In this review, I decided to devote a review to one of the animated series from Looney Tunes - Loonatics Unleashed. I decided to make a review due to the interest in Looney Tunes after the release of the film "Space Jam: A New Legacy". The animated series itself was released in the mid-noughties, and it consists of two seasons. I remember, as a child, I came across the opportunity to watch this animated series on TV, but it did not cause a desire to watch it because of the appearance of the characters (at that time I guessed that these were the mutilated characters of Looney Tunes) and the presence of a voiceover translation, and the subject of the future did not like me. Characters The main characters are a team of superheroes called Loonatics, consisting of descendants of Looney Tunes characters. So the team itself consists of 6 heroes: the head of Ace Bunny (a descendant of Bugs Bunny), Lexi Bunny (a descendant of Lola Bunny), Dangerous Duck (a descendant of Daffy Duck; and it's


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Arms' sisters


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Danny and Sam

Danny Phantom

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All Grown Up - Rugrats

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All Grown Up: The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

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Star Butterfly

Characters I Love

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Acid Eggs

Easter is supposed to a fun time to celebrate with friends or family and believe in the magic of Easter Bunnies hiding eggs and the sacrifice of Christ dying on the cross. For my family, Easter has been a nightmare of sorts. Bad things happen. Eggs get splattered on the kitchen floor as people rush to and fro with magic paint kits and camo egg makers and glittery hard-boiled eggs that were not boiled long enough. But, this year, Easter was much worse. The sunny Sunday started out as many of our Easter did, with craziness and ranting from elderly people who had seen too many Easter without any hope. Searching up and down, I began to look for

Favorite Stories

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hands and hail marys

hands folded over prayer cards and white carnations running prayer beads up and down the lines somewhere between a hail mary and our father i lost myself. hands closed tightly over a steering wheel a wreck just happened on the right And i promised myself i wouldn't stop i stop and prayer as someone dies. hands open reminded of how many people died with hands wide open and nails in their palms i decide i don't like the feeling anymore and then i am gone.


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Pixel Purple Set


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Cerise Wolf- Ever After high

Ever After High - Cerise Hood

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Raven Queen... a bit pissed

Ever After High

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Site Update: Improved Comments

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update. What's New Introducing Improved Comments With over 1.5 million comments posted per day, deviantART's commenting system provides the backbone for fostering relationships across the globe. To highlight this vital aspect of community interaction and provide more control around conversations, we’re proud to introduce the ability to Feature, edit, and hide comments.

Blog Entries

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Pinkie Pie~

MLP - Human

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appul wink


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Comic 74: Meanwhile

Comics - MLP

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My little centaur wallpaper

MLP - Wallpapers

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MLP Headcanon: Flash Sentry

Pony verse; Due to him being the son of a Pegasus and an earth pony, his wing strength is weaker than a normal Pegasus, but, in terms of hoof strength, he's much stronger than most Pegasus. His best friends are Soarin Raibow Dash, and Fluttershy. They have known each other since they were young. They meet during flight school. He considers them family. He and Soarin would always push each other. Flash even said that if it wasn't for Soarin, he wouldn't be a royal guard, and vice versa with Soarin. He has been in a few relationships during his life,(one of them being Rainbow Dash) but most of them ended badly. Though, he never met the Pony

Literary Works

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Casual Raven

Cosplay Faves

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No preview available

After The Fact by MLP-Silver-Quill

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After the Fact: The Amazon Archetype


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Human Pie

MLP - Anthro

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Sparkly Pony Adopt w Headshots [CLOSED]

MLP - Other

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081411 -  MLP:FIM Cupcakes2

MLP - Food-Related

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Pg13 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect...

Comics - Adventure Time

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Frank and Len

Ruby Gloom

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No stealing please


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The Heroes Club - Episode 1

The Heroes Club Comics

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Sara Poster (ELEMENTS)

Elements Comics

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Nick n Judy

Zootopia Fanart

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Contest Prize 1 - Winter Schnee Genderbend


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