Postcards or Bookmarks?
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neither (prints only)

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By tooaya
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It doesn't really matter, but normally, I would probably buy a bookmark as opposed to a postcard (its more useful) ^^
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bookmarks but actually i like both...
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Both : Bookmark and Postcard ! :D
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I you really making bookmarks, I prefer use magnetic materials personally.
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Cell phone strap <3 I have a collection of them from a bunch of different artists ^-^
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Bookmarks. :3
I usually buy them if I find enough pretty ones. ^^
So I would buy yours. XD
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ghwiekjgn so jelly. Wants all of your pretty prints! D:

What kind of paper are you using for the bookmarks/postcards? o 3 o
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I have no idea yet lol;
I'm thinking card-stock for postcards and regular matte paper for bookmarks and then laminate them?
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Card-stock would be great for post cards, but that'd be more funds I would think. But so would laminating depending on the number of layers you laminate. Really thin lamination doesn't last to long so personally I try not to buy anything thinly laminated. But I read a lot and bookmarks... bookmarks are fabulous things lol. I'd probably go for the bookmarks in the end
e v e ;;

Do people normally buy post-cards? I honestly don't know a lot of people who do xD
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anything with ur prettyy art on itttttt :iconlazycryplz:

sob not even gonna get to buy :iconmanweepplz:/othersideoftheworld
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w-well what do you usually buy at cons you visit? QvQ;; If you go/buy anything at all lol;
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bookmarks asjdhasd :iconlazycryplz:///<3333
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since I don't have a button maker or anything, these two (and stickers maybe? ) are my only choices aside from print, so which one do you guys prefer buying if I were to make them? Or should I not make them at all and just make everything into prints? lol
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