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SDL: nap time

a collab with :iconryuuen: His lines and my color. : 3

Aoki <c> *ryuuen
Mommy Herei <c> me
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Its so..adorable... :3
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Awwww that is to cute very nice work on this pic, I really like it a lot!!
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Aww this is cute :)
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I can't tell their genders... are they boys or girls? ^^;
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one is a girlish guy, the other is a boyish girl. XDDDD
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They are both very cute. You've both done an amazing job :3
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So cute, very nice work!! I love the lighting but their faces are so adorable.
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awwww...i'm a total failure...i wish i could draw like this....nice pic by the way...
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Aww... How sweet...
aww, it's so cute :)

but that's one HUMONGOUS pillow.
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I love how she is drooling. The coloring is amazing and the drawing is as well. Very cute.
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AWW,so Kawaii!!! I wish I had someobody to snuggle with! SO KAWAII!!! :heart:
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This colored version came out very nice.. kudos on the collab
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what program do you color with?

nice job btw ^^
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nrg... SOOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :onfire: and explodes.
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How cute! :love: The color and lighting is amazing!
Cute piggie too! :)
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You both did a wonderful job on this!~
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